There are times in the life of any individual or organization when they are challenged by events entirely beyond their control. One such event happened in the life of our Goodwill that challenged us to our very core. That event was the fraud committed by Carol Braun. We take pride in our corporate values and our integrity. We were exposed and vulnerable. The real mark of an organization’s strength is its capacity to weather the most difficult storms.

I believe that “Betrayal” is a testament to the strength and integrity of our Goodwill. It is a living testament to our capacity to learn from our hardships and mistakes. The book has found its way to every corner of America and has served to comfort and inform others who have faced similar circumstances. This book is dedicated to the men and women of Goodwill, our “people.” We are stronger, more resilient and more compassionate as a result of this experience.

We hope that Betrayal will, in some small way, ease any personal or professional challenges the reader may face and Goodwill stands ready to help.


Bob Pedersen

Goodwill NCW President and Chief Executive Officer, 1991-2017
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After you’ve read “Betrayal,” the story doesn’t end: “Coming Full Circle” (released in 2012) is an epilogue to our journey, detailing how Goodwill NCW’s core corporate values meshed with the process of restorative justice.

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