Goodwill FAQ

Can you tell me about career opportunities at Goodwill?

  • We offer a diverse mix of professional, managerial and entry-level opportunities in retail sales, food service, human services, light manufacturing, administrative support and other areas. We offer competitive wages and a benefits package. Please visit to look for open positions.

How can I make a financial contribution to Goodwill?

  • Please visit our Donating section, where we list the different ways and types of giving offered by Goodwill.

Where can I bring my donations?

  • For a list of our Retail Stores & Training Centers, as well as Donation Expresses, click on the Locations at the top of the page. We have convenient, drive-up donation centers with friendly staff to help you.

Where can I find retail donation guidelines and values of my donations?

  • You can find our retail donation guidelines in our What to Donate section and values on our Donating section.

Where are the Goodwill Stores located?

  • Just click on Locations at the top of the page and enter your zip code and it will bring up a list of the Goodwill Retail Stores & Training Centers nearest you.

Does Goodwill offer packaging and assembly services?

  • Yes. We offer several different services at Contractivity!. Please visit Contractivity! Services section for details