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Fashionista: Thrift shopping all about individualized style

Do you remember the Goodwill commercial that featured a man with a purple paisley shirt in his closet? Well, he donated the purple paisley shirt to Goodwill and, voila, a Goodwill shopper was thrilled with that find and said, “Yes! A purple paisley shirt!” That was my thought on this bright pink and green shirt… [Read More]

Mom of 6 regains control of finances through Goodwill program

Cassie came to the Financial Wellness Center at the Fox Valley Technical College Riverside Campus in Oshkosh in 2017 for a referral after her financial aid was suspended. During that initial meeting at the Financial Wellness Center, Nikki Dahlke, then satellite team leader, determined that Cassie was being garnished for defaulted student loans and had… [Read More]

15 must-haves for a summer capsule wardrobe

Who wants to spend precious summer days hiding out in a bedroom trying to figure out what to wear? Shorten the time it takes to plan an outfit and get out the door. Do yourself a favor and invest in a summer capsule wardrobe and make your life easier. Here are the top 15 must-have… [Read More]

Goodwill boutique opens at Onalaska Retail Store and Training Center

Goodwill NCW has opened a boutique within its Onalaska Retail Store and Training Center at 200 Theater Road. Goodwill NCW opened its first boutique at the Rib Mountain Retail Store and Training Center in January 2018 followed by ones at the Darboy Retail Store and Training Center in May 2018, the Neenah Retail Store and… [Read More]

Fashionista: Embrace the colors of spring

Bring on spring in Wisconsin! But please, weather forecasters, not 70 degrees one day and a shot of cold temperatures the next. Ah, this is the tough love of spring for those of us who live in the frozen tundra. Eventually, though, we will have warmth continuously. And won’t that be wonderful? Reward yourself for… [Read More]

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Fourth annual Goodwill scavenger hunt honors organizer’s mom

The fourth annual Restoring Hope Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt was held over Mother’s Day weekend and took teams to Goodwill retail store and training centers throughout the Fox Valley in search of goodies on their list and with a few special tasks and fun challenges to complete, including finding albums or CDs featuring artists from… [Read More]

Box shredder promotes recycling and job training

An industrial cardboard shredder being used at Goodwill NCW’s Shiner Center in Appleton not only repurposes recyclable materials, saving money and resources, but it also provides job-training opportunities for program participants. It’s a win-win for Goodwill’s Mission Services and E-commerce teams that has the opportunity for more growth. Using the cardboard boxes Goodwill receives from… [Read More]

Former FISC client becomes debt management specialist

When Jodi Moynihan tells her clients struggling with debt, “I can relate,” she means it. Jodi, who joined Goodwill’s FISC program as a debt management specialist in May 2018, is a former client who received financial coaching and assistance 20 years ago from FISC. She and her husband were about $30,000 in debt after living… [Read More]

VF Outdoor Appleton supports Goodwill program with Vans sale

Communities make Goodwill NCW programs a success, and a recent fundraiser that benefitted the Miracle League of the Fox Valley shows the power in that support. VF Outdoor, which is based in Appleton, is a subsidiary of VF Corp. and offers support for such VF Corp. brands such as Vans, The North Face, JanSport, Timberland… [Read More]

Former program participant retires as program coordinator

It’s a great day at the Goodwill store! Anyone who knows Victoria Williams Kriegl has heard that mantra lovingly repeated over and over throughout the 16 years she has worked for Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin. It’s one she shares with shoppers, team members, program participants and anyone within earshot. It’s just that kind… [Read More]

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