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Back-to-school looks for college

School might be all about the ABCs, but when it comes to college fashion it’s really about the Ls: leggings and layers. No back-to-school wardrobe is complete without these staples. These basics are the inspiration and building blocks for looks that fit college students’ individualized style and personalities. Look No. 1: Showcase the Ls with… [Read More]

Back-to-school fashion for high-schoolers

By the time they’re high-schoolers, teens have strong — did we mention strong? — opinions on what they like and what they don’t like. Embrace their fashion opinions and style sense by shopping secondhand and letting them put together their unique look for less. Look No. 1: This is a casual dress-up look featuring a… [Read More]

Back-to-school fashion for middle schoolers

Clothing for middle school is as varied as the kids themselves. One thing is for certain, though, the days of the matchy-matchy, coordinated look is over! Every year seems to bring a new it thing, but by shopping thrift, parents can embrace that ever-evolving sense of style experimentation that middle-schoolers seem to thrive on. Look… [Read More]

Back to elementary school outfits

Both parents and kids alike want the same thing for the start of the school year — to start it off right. While that includes establishing healthy habits early on and following the rules of the classroom, it also includes making a good first impression by dressing and looking the part. This back-to-school shopping season,… [Read More]

Bring Good Home with back-to-school clothes

Back to school is all about the right back-to-school clothes, and our Goodwill shoppers found new looks for school with thrifted finds. For elementary-age Christian, that means finding a mix of classic and timeless pieces like cargo and plaid shorts, khakis, corduroys, collared shirts and a vest along with traditional must-haves like jeans, and fun… [Read More]

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Christmas in July: Tips on making a holiday spending plan

By Jodi Moynihan It happens every year. Sometime in summer, that one super organized friend will tell you how she has started her Christmas shopping already. No matter how much you love Christmas and Christmas shopping, it takes extra planning and preparing to think about the people you need to buy gifts for and how… [Read More]

Deployed husband’s gift accidentally donated

If you love a story with a happy ending, this one is for you! Molly Cook, customer experience team leader at the Oshkosh Retail Store and Training Center, received a frantic phone call on a May evening from a woman, who said she was in the middle of a move and her jewelry box had… [Read More]

Here’s how to take the sting out of summer spending

When is the last time you remember taking a vacation and not going over your spending budget? If the answer is, “Gee, I really can’t remember,” you are not alone. A 2015 study conducted by Experian reported that 68% of people spend more than expected on vacation. Millennials, especially, rely heavily on the use of… [Read More]

Fourth annual Goodwill scavenger hunt honors organizer’s mom

The fourth annual Restoring Hope Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt was held over Mother’s Day weekend and took teams to Goodwill retail store and training centers throughout the Fox Valley in search of goodies on their list and with a few special tasks and fun challenges to complete, including finding albums or CDs featuring artists from… [Read More]

Box shredder promotes recycling and job training

An industrial cardboard shredder being used at Goodwill NCW’s Shiner Center in Appleton not only repurposes recyclable materials, saving money and resources, but it also provides job-training opportunities for program participants. It’s a win-win for Goodwill’s Mission Services and E-commerce teams that has the opportunity for more growth. Using the cardboard boxes Goodwill receives from… [Read More]

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