Shop, Donate, Bring Good Home
Shop, Donate, Bring Good Home

There’s no small find at a Goodwill retail store and training center. When you go on that treasure hunt and buy a vintage T-shirt or antique globe at Goodwill, it fuels local job training and career opportunities for people with barriers to employment. Not only are your donations and purchases changing lives and helping others, but you’re also giving your whole town a reason to celebrate.
Donate. Shop. Bring Good Home.

See how your donations and purchases help BRING GOOD HOME.

Goodwill cashier connects with customer, both having cerebral palsy

James Fleishman, a cashier at the Goodwill Marshfield Retail Store and Training Center, has made a life-changing connection to a young customer, Jessica. Both Jessica, who has cerebral palsy, and James use wheelchairs and have connected over that common bond.

John Walter’s dream job was to work at an arena that housed a basketball team. When Goodwill’s Vocational Support Services program found out that Oshkosh was going to be bringing in a basketball team, they worked together to make John’s dream a reality.

Goodwill helps girl’s dream of going to homecoming come true

A down-on-her luck mom who was looking for a helping hand in making her daughter’s dream of going to homecoming come true found it at Goodwill.

How do I donate and where?

Donated goods are the lifeblood of Goodwill, providing meaningful training and employment. Donate clothes, books, furniture, home goods and more. Find where you can drop off your donations.

Where do I shop?

Your purchases at Goodwill help support local programs and services in the communities we serve. Find cheap clothes for kids or adults near you at our 27 retail stores and training centers.