Circles of Care


Our benefits package is called Great Rewards. It’s made up of three parts: Good Care, Good Pay and Good Work. We also have a Circles of Care team that works with team members to promote wellness in all areas of their lives.

Circles of Care

Our Circles of Care team works with team members to promote wellness in these areas.

  • Emotional and spiritual: Our organizational chaplain can provide services that care for your spiritual needs, and the Team Member Assistance Program offers free counseling for all team members and members of their households by a licensed professional.
  • Career: Goodwill U was created to deliver personal and professional growth opportunities for team members and team leaders seeking to invest in themselves.
  • Physical: Our health and wellness coaches can educate and support you in achieving goals for healthy living.
  • Financial: Our career and financial pathways coach can help you map out a new plan to achieve career and financial goals, resurrect dreams that were put on hold and search out available financial assistance programs as well as budgeting and savings opportunities.
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