Disability not a barrier to giving back for Joe Kieffer

For many of us, giving back is an integral part of leading a happy and fulfilling life. Joe Kieffer, a 54-year-old Goodwill program participant, demonstrates this so well! Joe has Fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability and behavioral and learning challenges. Joe is known for his bright smile, contagious laugh and his love of all things sports.

Joe works in Goodwill’s Contractivity! program and also volunteers in the community through Goodwill’s Vocational Support Services.

“It’s two important facets for him,” his brother John says. “Every morning he’s at Shiner from 8 to 1 and he has a meaningful job there that he finds purpose in and a sense of satisfaction and social connection. And then in the afternoon a job coach comes and picks him up and they go out and serve in the community.”

Joe volunteers at the Appleton and Heart of the Valley YMCAs, Kimberly High School and the Mission Church.

Joe Kieffer is the embodiment of Goodwill NCW’s mission of Elevating People, Transforming Communities. As his brother John puts it: “Goodwill allows (Joe) the opportunity to be out in the community in areas that he just thrives in. It gives him a very fulfilling and complete life.”

This powerful impact for Joe and so many others would not be possible without your generous contributions to Goodwill NCW. We hope you will continue to give back to the community — and to be there for folks like Joe — with a 2016 year-end gift. Click here for an easy-to-use online donation page:

Thank you again for your support. We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season filled with the joy of giving!


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