Donation Drives

In 2015, almost 46.6 million pounds of used clothing, housewares, electronics, books and furniture was donated to Goodwill NCW.

The majority of those donations came through the donation doors at our retail store and training center locations, but some material was donated through community- or organization-sponsored donation drives, when groups are organized and motivated to get friends, family, colleagues and others excited about donating to Goodwill NCW.

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects for corporations, schools, community organizations and places of worship.

The resale of donations provides several excellent benefits for each community we serve: Supporting 29 programs and services that helped to improve the lives of 63,701 Wisconsinites in 2015; keeping thousands of tons of material out of landfills, and providing affordable merchandise in our retail stores and training centers across our 35-county service area.

We can provide assistance in helping you organize your event, ranging from providing marketing materials and tips for a successful drive to offering donation receipts. In most cases, we no longer provide logistics support for picking up or delivering donations.

Donation drives are an easy and appreciated opportunity to give back to the community while clearing out the clutter!

Donation Drive Kit

To access an easily downloadable donation drive kit, which includes posters, a FAQ document with tips on hosting a successful donation drive, and a template for a press release for local news media outlets, please click the four links below:

Business Donation Drives

Companies may sponsor donation drives targeting employees and the public when applicable. We can supply your business with promotional support, signage, and suggestions to make your drive a success.

Organization Donation Drives

Whether you’re representing a school, club, or church, your organization can host a Goodwill NCW donation drive. Many organizations host drives to collect a particular item, such as coats or shoes.

Most organizations that host donation drives are responsible for delivery of the donations to Goodwill NCW stores or donation sites.