How to wear a vest the best

By Carly Fuller Vests are this season’s it piece, and we think every closet should have multiple options. With so many styles, colors and fabrics out there, why just stop at one? They are versatile, trendy, and some even act like an accessory, adding just the right touch to complete an outfit. We urge you […]

6 stocking stuffers under $6

Don’t stress over the little things. If stocking stuffers stump you every season, we’ve got solutions that keep the costs down and the excitement up. Here are six of our favorite stocking stuffers for under $6 at Goodwill. With St. Nick’s coming up Dec. 6, it’s another good reason to stop by your favorite thrift […]

5 chic Thanksgiving outfits

By Carly Fuller What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? A whole day dedicated to grateful hearts and happy bellies. The beginning of the holiday season. Family and friends, football, a day off work and shoving your face with deliciousness in the form of Thanksgiving dinner. Count us in! About that happy belly, though. Let’s be […]

Carly the Goodwill thrifter’s layered dresses for fall

If you’re not wanting to give up your summer dresses come fall and winter, here’s a way Carly the Goodwill thrifter extends their life — she adds layers. These are three dresses that feature three-quarter-length sleeves worn in several ways. This maroon plaid dress ($8.99) offers a vintage feel with its knit fabric and style. […]

Find used artificial Christmas trees for sale at Goodwill

This time of year, it’s like our very own festival of trees celebration right in our stores. Come check out our indoor tree farm and find the perfect used artificial Christmas tree for your home. Goodwill offers a variety of artificial Christmas trees for sale in an assortment of styles and sizes, beginning with table-top […]

Think thrift for Thanksgiving table settings

Combine Grandma’s vintage turkey platter with secondhand finds to create a thrifty Thanksgiving table that is holiday and crowd worthy! Secondhand shops are the go-to place for Thanksgiving table settings that create a mix-and-match look that blends traditional with modern. Repurposing and buying used shows an appreciation for the environment, and there couldn’t be a […]

Shop second hand for America Recycles Day

Have you hugged a tree lately? While we don’t literally mean that, a Keep America Beautiful initiative is hoping you figuratively will by doing what you can to pledge your commitment to recycling. We can think of one fun way to support America Recycles Day on Nov. 15. Buy second hand clothes! Thrift shopping is […]

Cute outfits to wear with ankle boots

As we load up on all our fall fashion favorites — plaid, anyone? — before the snow flies and winter becomes a reality, be sure to get enough time with trendy ankle boots. “If there’s one piece you need, it’s the versatile ankle boot,” according to Bazaar. “Whether worn with a dress, skirt or jeans, […]

6 stylish thrift coats for fall

Fall coats play an important role in transitioning us to a new season. They ease us out of our relaxed and playful summer and take us where we want to go come autumn, like the apple orchard, on a hayride and to a Friday night game under the lights. They join pumpkin muffins, cider, the […]

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas from your closet

Despite the best of intentions, you might find yourself scrambling to dream up impressive last-minute Halloween costume ideas for a dress-up party or office celebration. No worries! Open your closet and get creative. Think black or white dress, jeans, flannel shirt. Easy! If you’re not loving what you have on hand, turn to thrift store […]

Explore plaid options that go beyond flannel

By Carly Fuller When you think of how to wear plaid clothing, you probably think of a comfy flannel, but plaid is so much more than your trusty fall go-to. Think outside your comfort zone a little and mix it up. Read on for more ways to wear plaid clothing this fall. Outfit one: top […]

5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas

The scramble has begun! If you put off getting a Halloween costume until now or you suddenly find yourself with a party invitation you weren’t expecting, don’t lower your expectations on what you can put together in a jiffy. Instead, look at our Halloween and fall board on Pinterest at Here are 5 creative […]

5 tips for building the best thrifted DIY Halloween costume

With some creativity and just a few bucks, you can create your own do-it-yourself Halloween costume that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, party or office. Plus, it will be a one-of-a-kind look that will save you money. How’s that for a rare treat! Here are five tips for putting together the […]

Carly the Goodwill thrifter’s Halloween costumes with black dress

With just one basic wardrobe staple, you can build several Halloween costumes. And who doesn’t love options! With a basic black dress, Carly the Goodwill thrifter created three DIY Halloween costumes. Witch: Accessorize with tights or leggings, wedge boots, broom and hat. Little Red Riding Hood: Accessorize with a red cloak, furry boots, wolf mask […]

Superhero Halloween costume ideas for kids, adults

Kids and adults who want to dress like a superhero this Halloween will be in good company. According to the National Retail Federation, action figures and superheroes were the No. 1 costume for children in 2017. Superheroes represented four of the top 10 costumes in 2017 for adults. So bring on your inner Superman, Batman, […]