Dog Halloween costumes that are a real treat

Dogs are getting in on the Halloween fun, too, by dressing up for this sweet holiday. Pet costumes continue to gain popularity, with nearly 17% of celebrants — or 29 million people — planning to dress their pets in costumes, according to the National Retail Federation. According to the NRF, 9% of pet lovers will… [Read More]

DIY Halloween treat containers

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and have some do-it-yourself fun with your kid! Along with crafting a unique costume, you can encourage your children to create their own candy treat containers with a variety of items that you already have at home and can find at your local Goodwill. Here are three… [Read More]

Fashionista: Find trendy fall work outfits at Goodwill

Here we are again. Children are back to school, fall sports are in action, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and, my favorite, our beloved TV shows have returned. I’ve got my Kleenex stocked and ready for “This Is Us.” Of course, another autumn favorite is fall shopping at Goodwill. It’s the place to add pieces to… [Read More]

DIY accent tray from Goodwill frame

Does your coffee table or dining table look like it could use a little decorative love? You’re in luck! This DIY accent tray is easy to make, and all you need are a few simple and inexpensive supplies: Old wooden picture frame (with glass intact) Can of spray paint (or regular paint if you’d prefer)… [Read More]

Fashionista: Blanket scarf at top of fall must haves

The temperatures are taking a dip and you know what that means. It’s time to get out all your warm and cozy pieces out of your drawers and closet. One piece that is a fall must-have is a beautiful blanket scarf. A large, comfy blanket scarf can be styled so many ways and takes your… [Read More]

Creative Halloween costumes ideas with the big-screen factor

Movies provide that pop-culture inspiration for Halloween costumes, and this year’s no different when it comes to what to dress up as. Halloween is the stuff movies are made of, and this year we saw “Toy Story,” “Addams Family,” “Avengers: Endgame,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” “Aladdin” and “Lion King” hit the big screen. That means… [Read More]

5 DIY Halloween costume ideas

With some creativity and just a few bucks, you can create your own do-it-yourself Halloween costume that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, party or office. Plus, it will be a one-of-a-kind look that will save you money. How’s that for a rare treat! Here are five tips for putting together the… [Read More]

Men’s Halloween costume ideas

Classics like vampires, zombies, pirates and superheroes are expected to be popular men’s Halloween costume ideas once again, according to the National Retail Federation. But every year those classics are joined by creative DIY men’s Halloween costumes that are influenced by pop culture, YouTube, movies, headlines and celebrities. When looking for inspiration for the perfect… [Read More]

Women’s Halloween costume ideas

Let the good times roll in creative and classic DIY women’s Halloween costumes. Whether inspiration comes from the movies, books, pop culture or history, what you wear this Halloween is only limited by your sense of fun and imagination. According to National Retail Federation, Halloween continues to be popular for adults, with half of celebrants… [Read More]

Instagram-worthy teen Halloween costume ideas

When it comes to tween and teen Halloween costume ideas, you can bet it’s going to be a sign of the times. Think Snapchat-, YouTube- and Instagram-worthy. Part of the Halloween thrill is building a costume that is unique and individual. No one wants to wear the exact same costume as someone else. It also… [Read More]

6 kids’ Halloween costume ideas

Some things never go out of style and come Halloween season that means pirates and princesses once again will grace our porches at trick-or-treat time. But in addition to the classics for kids’ Halloween costumes, it’s fun to see the creative Halloween costumes kids and families put together. Here are both classic and creative do-it-yourself… [Read More]

Goodwill consultants help with Halloween costume ideas

If you’re big into scaring up fun every Halloween with creative Halloween costume ideas, but inspiration is scarce this year and you’ve already plowed your way through a bag of candy corn trying to come up with something new and different, you’ll be happy to know that help is here. Goodwill NCW has put together… [Read More]

Easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas from your closet

Despite the best of intentions, you might find yourself scrambling to dream up impressive last-minute Halloween costume ideas for a dress-up party or office celebration. No worries! Open your closet and get creative. Think black or white dress, jeans, flannel shirt. Easy! If you’re not loving what you have on hand, turn to secondhand shopping… [Read More]

Not-so-basic ways to wear fall layers

It’s no secret that layers are a great way to add visual interest to any outfit. When summer breezes start to shift to crisp autumn air, layers and fall go hand in hand. Let’s be honest, dressing in fall is FUN. After a summer of shorts and tanks, it can feel really good to snuggle… [Read More]

DIY projects for kids of all ages

By Julia Marchand Before I became a mom, I heard repeatedly how expensive kids are. Creativity becomes imperative for those on a budget who don’t want their little ones to go without the games and goodies that make childhood special, so here are a few kid-approved projects to keep the little ones and your wallet… [Read More]