We’ve got the Halloween costume help you need!

If you’re big into scaring up fun every Halloween with festive costumes, but ideas are scarce this year and you’ve already plowed your way through a bag of candy corn trying to come up with something new and different, you’ll be happy to know that help is here. Goodwill NCW has put together a 38-page… [Read More]

Score big with second hand fashion finds for game day

It’s our favorite time of the year as another football season kicks off. We’re ready to cheer on our home team in style with winning looks featuring second hand fashion that reflects our u-rah-rah spirit that never takes a break, even in the off-season. Our chic tailgate clothing picks and game day outfits work as… [Read More]

4 fall fashion trends to thrift

By Carly Fuller We tend to look forward to fall for all the pretty colors, the fun décor and pumpkin spice everything. Let’s be honest though, what we are really excited for is the fall fashion. We can say hello to our oversized sweaters and stretchy leggings. We can cozy up in our flannel and… [Read More]

Loading up on books and good reading habits at Goodwill

As a mother of three children, reading and education are very important to me. I always ask myself what I can do to encourage my children to read more. The answer: I’ve decided if I let them choose what they read they will be more enthusiastic about what they are reading and, in turn, engaged…. [Read More]

Stylish homecoming dresses at thrift prices

Short dresses are still the rage for homecoming 2018. Popular dress styles call for fun floral prints, sequins, satin fabric, long sleeves and two pieces, and David’s Bridal says trendy colors are deep burgundy, black, navy, red and pinks. Shop the popular styles at secondhand prices to save big on homecoming dresses. Here’s what we… [Read More]

Carly the Goodwill thrifter’s budget-friendly college looks

Going back to school for college students means budget time! Carly is showcasing three affordable and stylish outfits she found for college. Casual look: It’s important to think in layers as summer transitions to fall. It might be warm outside, but lecture halls can be cold. This layered look lets you balance those differences. An… [Read More]

Thrift Fix Picks: Back-to-school teen looks they’ll want to wear

By the time they’re high-schoolers, teens have strong — did we mention strong? — opinions on what they like and what they don’t like. Embrace their fashion opinions and style sense by shopping secondhand and letting them put together their unique look for less. Check out our back-to-school Thrift Fix Picks that will make both… [Read More]

Thrift Fix Picks: Back to school with a look for tweens that’s lit

Leggings, hoodies, athletic wear, yoga pants, flannel shirts, high-waisted jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans. Welcome to tween fashion. Clothing for middle school is as varied as the kids themselves. One thing is for certain, though, come sixth or seventh grade, the days of the matchy-matchy, coordinated look is over! Every year seems… [Read More]

Fashionista: Choose cropped ankle pants over capris

As I was searching for an outfit to go with my capris I, of course, scanned a few of my favorite fashion blogs for styling inspiration. Wow! Little did I know that capris are an absolute NO! According to Fabulous After 40, capris will age you and aren’t flattering. Why? Because a capri pant hits… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s stylish laundry room

There is no need to suffer with a disorganized laundry room. And who said the laundry space couldn’t have a little style, too? With three kids I feel like I spend more time in here than many other rooms in my house. When I bought my house, it originally had one white wire shelf. I… [Read More]

Thrift Fix Picks: Budget-friendly elementary back-to-school outfits

This back-to-school shopping season, parents can keep budget front of mind while students can show off their individuality and sense of style by choosing thrift. Find all the back-to-school fashion must-haves like jeans, leggings, khaki shorts and pants, button-up shirts, graphic tees, name-brand sweatshirts like Nike, athletic wear, sweaters and more. Check out our Thrift… [Read More]

What kind of thrifter are you? Eclectic

As an eclectic clothing expert, you’re a confident fashion maven with a knack for putting together uniquely stylish looks. You think differently when it comes to combining colors, patterns and trends and have earned the admiration of your peers for the cool way you dress. In our what-kind-of-thrifter-are-you quiz, we reveal the types of thrifters… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s back-to-school looks for kids

This mom of three is back-to-school shopping for looks that fit her children’s unique style. For Shelley’s14-year-old son, it’s all about high-performance fabrics and name-brand athletic clothes, like this Nike shirt and Nike swimming trunks, which are perfect for swimming in gym class at school. For those more dress-up days, plaid cargoes are a stylish… [Read More]

What kind of thrifter are you? Name brands!

If you took our quiz (find it here) and concluded you are a name-brand lovin’ fashionista, it means that you gravitate toward tags. It means you could pinpoint the brand of an item you found without even looking at the tag. It means you value a name for quality, style and reliability. It means that… [Read More]

Fashionista: Embrace horizontal stripes for a timeless look

Stripes. When I think of how to wear them I immediately think they add pounds, especially horizontal stripes. This is simply untrue! Stripes are classy, timeless and universal. According to Fashionisers blog, it’s all about highlighting or concealing certain parts of your body. Tips on how to wear stripes: An easy look is to pair… [Read More]