Anthropologie or Goodwill? 3 finds will have you guessing

Anthropologie can evoke images of Parisian boutiques and make you instantly feel comfortable, right at home. It’s retro and modern all at the same time. Looking to capture the free-spirited, flea market-inspired look of Anthropologie but without the price, I headed to Goodwill to find that similar unfussy style that oozes femininity. 1. Mugs and… [Read More]

Summer is here: Get out the white pants!

There are so many rules when it comes to wearing white. Don’t wear white before Memorial Day. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Don’t wear white to a wedding if you aren’t the bride. While the validity of these age-old etiquette standards are being called into question as the Emily Post Institute now suggests to… [Read More]

Fashionista find: beach sarong to match swimwear

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya with this colorful sarong that I found at the Darboy Retail Store and Training Center. Just how do you make a sarong? It is so simple. You take the scarf and divide it in half then tie a knot on one side. Voila, you are ready for the… [Read More]

Say ‘I do’ with these 5 DIY thrifty wedding centerpiece ideas

As anyone who has ever gotten married, paid for a wedding or attended one knows, weddings are costly. Though the cost depends on where you live and the size, style and season of the grand affair, according to a survey conducted by the Knot, the average wedding is a whopping $31,213. There are some ways,… [Read More]

White shirtdress takes on many looks

When I found this shirtdress on the clearance rack, I knew immediately that this would make the perfect swimsuit cover-up. The drawstring waist will flatter any shape, and the sleeves can roll up, too, with a button closure. Along with sunglasses, beach bag and fun summer shoes, this Old Navy shirtdress is such a bargain… [Read More]

5 kitchen items you need to buy at thrift shops

Ice cream machines, French onion soup bowls, quesadilla makers. There are so many items we’ve all bought with the best of intentions, promising we’d get lots of use out of them and our money’s worth. But despite our aspirations and interest, these gadgets eventually find their way to a dark and hidden spot in the… [Read More]

Fashionista: Graphic skirt isn’t really what it appears to be

This boho-inspired graphic skirt has multiple purposes. It actually is a full maxi dress! I folded down the top portion and turned it into a skirt. The skirt is super comfortable, and yet again you can use your fashionista skills to make it your own. I took the skirt option and added a fun graphic… [Read More]

3 ways to get started upcycling

Chances are you’ve seen upcycled projects and oohed and aahed over them, impressed with the quality of the crafter’s work and the finished product. There’s no need to be on the outside looking in. Come join in the fun that is upcycling. Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and… [Read More]

Stock up now on holiday hosting essentials

I know, I know. The holidays and the hectic pace that surrounds them aren’t far enough in your rearview mirror yet to start another round of planning. You’re still finding garland behind the couch and basking in the glory that you survived another year. While you might not want to start thinking about the holidays… [Read More]

Goodwill fashionista gets cozy and oh-so-cute

I call this one piece … comfortable! It’s a piece that feels like a rather stylish sweatshirt. This shift dress purchased at Goodwill for $5.99 can be worn as is or with a pair of leggings. It’s gray so to jazz it up I paired the dress with different-colored accessories. I chose a fun pink… [Read More]

5 DIY ways to celebrate your furry friend

April 11 is National Pet Day, and that means you’ve got a built-in excuse to treat your beloved best friend to something special. With 65% of U.S. households owning a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association 2015-16 national survey, that means there’s going to be a lot of wagging tails. Pet owners spent… [Read More]

Garden DIY projects to get you from now to planting

Spring — it’s that highly anticipated season for most who live in Wisconsin but especially so for the gardeners among us. March 20 marks the first day of spring, and after paging through catalogs, ordering and receiving seeds and pondering plantings, the time is right to start thinking about putting plans for this year’s gardens… [Read More]

Goodwill fashionista’s elegant sweater pays tribute to aunt

This outfit reminds me of my wonderful Aunt Jean. She has taught me from a little girl on how to put an outfit together. At 83, she is still the classic example of elegance so I am dedicating this outfit to her! Aunt Jean is known for her favorite colors of black and white, and… [Read More]

Spring cleaning 101: 5 tips for 5 days of decluttering, donating

This is the time of year you either love or hate. The annual spring-cleaning rite can be something you embrace willingly or something you fight and put off. But maybe it’s time to start thinking about it a little differently. The average person spends 69% of their time at home, according to Golden Shine Cleaning… [Read More]

Goodwill fashionista’s tips for fashionista wannabes

Goodwill fashionista Therese Bishop understands the treasure-hunting thrill of the chase and the excitement of finding that perfect piece. Her friends and family admire her sense of style and her frugal ways. As a Goodwill fashionista, Therese regularly will be sharing her finds, style suggestions and tips as part of Goodwill’s upcoming retail blog and… [Read More]