Fashionista: Dressy summer shorts get a more casual look

In my last blog I paired these new-with-tags black shorts — a summer wardrobe essential — with a blazer and some accessories to build a dressy summer look. Here I’m taking the same starting piece — the black shorts — and creating a more casual look. I added some eye-catching pieces such as this brightly… [Read More]

Back-to-school looks for college

School might be all about the ABCs, but when it comes to college fashion it’s really about the Ls: leggings and layers. No back-to-school wardrobe is complete without these staples. These basics are the inspiration and building blocks for looks that fit college students’ individualized style and personalities. Look No. 1: Showcase the Ls with… [Read More]

Back-to-school fashion for high-schoolers

By the time they’re high-schoolers, teens have strong — did we mention strong? — opinions on what they like and what they don’t like. Embrace their fashion opinions and style sense by shopping secondhand and letting them put together their unique look for less. Look No. 1: This is a casual dress-up look featuring a… [Read More]

Back-to-school fashion for middle schoolers

Clothing for middle school is as varied as the kids themselves. One thing is for certain, though, the days of the matchy-matchy, coordinated look is over! Every year seems to bring a new it thing, but by shopping thrift, parents can embrace that ever-evolving sense of style experimentation that middle-schoolers seem to thrive on. Look… [Read More]

Back to elementary school outfits

Both parents and kids alike want the same thing for the start of the school year — to start it off right. While that includes establishing healthy habits early on and following the rules of the classroom, it also includes making a good first impression by dressing and looking the part. This back-to-school shopping season,… [Read More]

Bring Good Home with back-to-school clothes

Back to school is all about the right back-to-school clothes, and our Goodwill shoppers found new looks for school with thrifted finds. For elementary-age Christian, that means finding a mix of classic and timeless pieces like cargo and plaid shorts, khakis, corduroys, collared shirts and a vest along with traditional must-haves like jeans, and fun… [Read More]

Bring Good Home with this mom’s school supplies for kids

There isn’t much mother of two Megan doesn’t buy for her family at Goodwill for back to school. She’s a big thrifter and believes in shopping Goodwill first for clothing and other back-to-school supplies like a planner and calendar for herself and calculator, rules, pencil case, flash cards and more for her two girls. “I’m… [Read More]

Fashionista: Shop thrift for summer essentials

I love fashion trends, but, Goodwill shoppers, no summer closet is complete without these summer essentials. Here are a few pieces to look for while perusing the clothing racks at GW: A few solid-color shorts such as navy, black, tan White and tan camis Classic white T-shirt, preferably a V-neck, which is more flattering Solid-color… [Read More]

7 steps to an organized staycation

It’s mid-summer already, and your summer vacation is not going entirely as planned? No problem, just regroup and figure out how to make the best of what’s left! If you can’t take a big trip somewhere else, maybe you can take a staycation and even get a few things done around the house. 1. First… [Read More]

Fashionista: Favorite finds at the thrift store

Here’s a question for all you Goodwill shoppers. When you shop your local GW, is there a print you tend to gravitate to? Perhaps stripes, florals, polka dots or maybe my favorite gingham? When I saw this adorable gingham wrap shirt I knew it was coming home with me. The added detail of ruched sleeves… [Read More]

Trendy jeans for 2019

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, there’s no doubt about it. They are season-less, versatile, durable, classic, trendy, ageless, you name it. For several years now, skinny jeans have been the “it” thing. They slim. They balance out the blousy tops. They are flattering. We get it, but it’s time to branch out, girlfriends. It’s time… [Read More]

How to style a T-shirt dress 3 ways

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple, but you can step up your fashion game by having a basic T-shirt dress in your closet lineup. Don’t be intimated by the word dress. A T-shirt dress is just as versatile as a regular tee. To prove it, we pulled together three different outfits that feature a T-shirt dress… [Read More]

3 ways to update thrifted baskets

Quick quiz. What screams summer, makes organizing a cinch in any place at all (even on the go!) and is waiting for you at your local Goodwill? Thrifted baskets! From burly laundry baskets to breezy woven seagrass, these permanently picnic-ready decor pieces will feel right at home in every room of your home and even… [Read More]

DIY succulent planter project

Succulents are all the rage. If you haven’t jumped aboard the popular plant bandwagon, we’ve got some adorable do-it-yourself reasons that will convince you that you should. We’ve put together these budget-friendly air plant and succulent planters that feature secondhand vases, glassware and teacups we picked up at our local Goodwill for under $3.99. This… [Read More]

Fashionista: Star-spangled Fourth of July outfit

Summer is here, and one of the season’s highlights is the Fourth of July, which usually means gatherings and festivities with friends and family. Before you purchase your sparklers, head over to your local Goodwill to find a cute outfit not only for the 4th of July but pieces that are versatile enough to wear… [Read More]