Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s Free People find

I hit the jackpot during my most recent Goodwill trip. My lucky find was a Free People sweater! This sweater, which retails for $128 online, was all mine for $14.99. The pictures show me texting my trendy girlfriend my latest treasure and her sending back a different way to wear it. My friends and I… [Read More]

5 go-to winter wardrobe essentials

Old Man Winter. Jack Frost. Mother Nature. Bring it on! Bring on the snowing, blowing, icicles-on-your-eyelashes weather. With these 5 go-to winter wardrobe essentials, you’ll be warm, cozy and ready to whip down the sledding hill or coast across the ice-skating rink. This is what to wear in winter! Puffy vest Great for that winter… [Read More]

Sweater styles to keep you cozy all winter

Rejoice! Sweater season is here, and we are celebrating by wrapping ourselves in a chunky knit. When you love thrift store sweaters as much as we do, the arrival of winter is like being reunited with a friend you haven’t seen in a while but have missed like crazy. Like comfort food, sweaters are comfort… [Read More]

Up your cozy style for winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to be hanging out at home in stretched-out sweats that have been worn a few years too many. Up your weekend comfy winter clothes game and maintain your strong sense of style all year long. By turning to thrift shoping, you can keep the comfort but… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s holiday dresses

When it’s time to buy fancy holiday dresses for family gatherings, school choir concerts and festive celebrations, turn to Goodwill for budget-friendly prices for families. Kids typically wear their holiday best only once or twice before they outgrow them so shopping secondhand at the holidays saves money for gifts, decorations, food and other items during… [Read More]

How to upcycle clothes for DIY Christmas gifts

By Carly Fuller Sometimes the best gifts received are the ones that have been created out of love and thoughtfulness. A homemade gift is always the perfect option, especially for those who are hard to buy for or already seem to have everything. But let’s be real. Most of us don’t have the time (or… [Read More]

New, budget-friendly holiday toys at Goodwill

While Goodwill has aisles of donated toys and stuffed animals, we also have new holiday toys, games and puzzles. As a bonus, we’ve done some of the homework for you with our ours vs. theirs pricing guide. Here’s a look at just a few of the holiday toys we have in store for the littlest… [Read More]

Easy outfit ideas for those days you need them

By Carly Fuller You are in a rush and open your closet, trying to quickly dress and get out the door. You “have nothing to wear” and throw on whatever is clean. The problem is you spend the rest of your day thinking about your less-than-inspired outfit and wondering why you thought it was a… [Read More]

Load up on ugly Christmas sweaters at Goodwill

There’s nothing like an ugly Christmas sweater to show off your flair for fun and make you forgo your fashion sense. Adorned with lavish landscapes, rosy-cheeked Santas and reindeer, glistening snowmen, decorated Christmas trees, smiling gingerbread, poinsettias and presents and topped with tinsel, bows, jingle bells and pom-poms, these tacky ugly Christmas sweaters are garish,… [Read More]

How to wear a vest the best

By Carly Fuller Vests are this season’s it piece, and we think every closet should have multiple options. With so many styles, colors and fabrics out there, why just stop at one? They are versatile, trendy, and some even act like an accessory, adding just the right touch to complete an outfit. We urge you… [Read More]

6 stocking stuffers under $6

Don’t stress over the little things. If stocking stuffers stump you every season, we’ve got solutions that keep the costs down and the excitement up. Here are six of our favorite stocking stuffers for under $6 at Goodwill. With St. Nick’s coming up Dec. 6, it’s another good reason to stop by your favorite thrift… [Read More]

5 chic Thanksgiving outfits

By Carly Fuller What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? A whole day dedicated to grateful hearts and happy bellies. The beginning of the holiday season. Family and friends, football, a day off work and shoving your face with deliciousness in the form of Thanksgiving dinner. Count us in! About that happy belly, though. Let’s be… [Read More]

Carly the Goodwill thrifter’s layered dresses for fall

If you’re not wanting to give up your summer dresses come fall and winter, here’s a way Carly the Goodwill thrifter extends their life — she adds layers. These are three dresses that feature three-quarter-length sleeves worn in several ways. This maroon plaid dress ($8.99) offers a vintage feel with its knit fabric and style…. [Read More]

Find used artificial Christmas trees for sale at Goodwill

This time of year, it’s like our very own festival of trees celebration right in our stores. Come check out our indoor tree farm and find the perfect used artificial Christmas tree for your home. Goodwill offers a variety of artificial Christmas trees for sale in an assortment of styles and sizes, beginning with table-top… [Read More]

Think thrift for Thanksgiving table settings

Combine Grandma’s vintage turkey platter with secondhand finds to create a thrifty Thanksgiving table that is holiday and crowd worthy! Secondhand shops are the go-to place for Thanksgiving table settings that create a mix-and-match look that blends traditional with modern. Repurposing and buying used shows an appreciation for the environment, and there couldn’t be a… [Read More]