DIY painted vases

These painted vases are an easy and beautiful way to add some color to your space! They’re perfect for your mantle or as a centerpiece to display a floral arrangement, and you only need a few supplies: 2 vases 3 paint colors Protective spray Painter’s tape Brushes Head to your local Goodwill thrift store to… [Read More]

Get your garden ready with thrift-store finds

Spring is such an exciting time. It’s an excuse to start fresh. We clean our houses and garages and donate our unwanted items to our local Goodwill, but springtime is not only good for a fresh start in your house but also in your garden. By starting seeds in a sunny window, you can have… [Read More]

Spring fashion 2021 trends

We’re always eager to see what a new season brings for style, and spring 2021 fashion trends do not disappoint. Read on for five go-big-or-go-home spring 2021 fashion trends that you can find secondhand for less. White is the hot color Trade in your winter black or gray for pure white or ivory. I know… [Read More]

Spring organizing: A guide to decluttering your home

In Wisconsin, spring organizing is a time that brings on mixed emotions. It’s exciting to emerge out of another winter and throw open the windows to invite life back inside, but as the to-do list grows, you wonder how everything will get done and if you are up to saying goodbye to some of your… [Read More]

Fashionista: Going all out in green in classy Goodwill fashion

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, and the stores are full of cheesy T-shirts, socks and tacky glow-in-the-dark plastic necklaces — anything with a four-leaf clover on it. This is not a look for this fashionista. I’m opting out on these cheap Erin go blah looks. Let’s face it: You purchase a T-shirt and toss it… [Read More]

4 DIY wedding centerpieces that are easy to thrift

Weddings are milestone events that are remembered forever. They’re one of the only times in life where so many loved ones will be at the same place at the same time, and that calls for a major celebration. While some wedding expenses can’t be avoided, getting creative with wedding décor can lower your overall budget…. [Read More]

Fashionista: First love is Goodwill

What do I love more? Shopping at retail department stores and high-end boutiques with their high-end prices or shopping at Goodwill? The answer, of course, is shopping at Goodwill and finding apparel I love, love, love for a fraction of the cost. And I mean it! I absolutely love shopping at GW. I am never… [Read More]

Six steps to a successful staycation

If you are looking to spend upcoming time off — whether it be spring break, summer vacay or anything in between — at home, there’s no reason to be glum. Just because you’re not going to Tahiti doesn’t mean you can’t create your own oasis at home. You can even get a few things done… [Read More]

Fashionista: 3 great thrifting deals and 3 great loves

Sometimes you hit the jackpot when shopping at Goodwill. I was recently thrift shopping and was looking for red. I mean it is the month of love. However, when I found this gorgeous red sweater dress I wasn’t thinking about Valentine’s Day at all. I was thinking about how many times I would wear this… [Read More]

DIY decorated books project

Our DIY books are a fun way to decorate your space while getting creative. They’re easy to make, and all you need are a few simple and inexpensive supplies: Three books Letter stamps Ink pad Paint supplies Ribbon Head to your local Goodwill thrift store for a wide variety of budget-friendly books. You might have… [Read More]

Fun ways to style flannel

By: Josh Crowe Flannel — that ’90s fashion statement that never went away completely — has made a comeback in recent years. And it’s easy to see why. Warm and cozy, flannel is the perfect garment that can be styled in endless ways. Flannel doesn’t get enough credit for its versatility and the variety of… [Read More]

Fashionista: Creating that L.L.Bean look without the price

It’s a new year. Finally! It’s time for new resolutions, and tops on that list is to work on a 2021 budget. I have to say I always set aside a small fund for apparel shopping, and Goodwill allows me to do that. Shopping at Goodwill means major savings! One thrift tip while secondhand shopping… [Read More]

Get fit with thrift: tips for buying secondhand workout clothes

You shopped around for the right gym membership that fits your needs. From the classes offered to the equipment available, you wanted to get the most for your money while you’re working hard to stay in shape. The same standard should be set when it comes to your workout clothes, whether you are working out… [Read More]

Fashionista: Be a sportsanista with active wear from Goodwill

A 2021 goal for most people is to start a workout plan. But before you can get to work, you will need activewear to inspire you to workout. Let’s face it; workout apparel can get pretty pricey, especially the high-end labels. Well, before you lift those 3-pound weights, check out Goodwill to see what the… [Read More]

DIY painted canvas

Looking to add some fun to your home decor? Try this thrifted painting upcycle technique to add some flair to your space! Here are the items you’ll need: Canvas (thrifted from your local Goodwill) Assorted paint colors Brushes Water to wash brush Paper towel Step 1: Gather supplies Choose paint colors that will complement those… [Read More]