Bring Good Home with thrifter’s Goodwill donation

Pete Hetland of Appleton was shopping for a book on Amazon when he spotted what he wanted — the first political thriller written by journalist Jake Tapper. Shopping used books, Pete noticed “The Hellfire Club” was available through Goodwill NCW at Amazon Marketplace. A regular Goodwill donor, he snapped up the book, saving money through… [Read More]

Fashionista: Monochromatic look with help from Goodwill

Who knew about the monochromatic look? I’m learning as I go, GW shoppers. A monochromatic look is about putting pieces together that are the same tone. It’s stylish, classy and easy to do. So how can I achieve this look without looking too matchy-matchy? Here are a few tips: Start with a basic color, add… [Read More]

8 thrift store shopping hacks

It’s hard to say which is more rewarding — the thrill of the thrift shopping hunt or the good feels you get from knowing your purchase helps provide job training and other opportunities for your community. It’s like instant gratification and delayed gratification rolled into one amazing experience. If you don’t know what you are… [Read More]

Trendy jeans for 2019

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, there’s no doubt about it. They are seasonless, versatile, durable, classic, trendy, ageless, you name it. For several years now, skinny jeans have been the “it” thing. They slim. They balance out the blousy tops. They are flattering. We get it, but it’s time to branch out, girlfriends. It’s time… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s handbag choices

After being cooped in with the winter weather we’ve been having, I needed to get out so off to Goodwill I went. My goal was to find a new handbag. I’m so very pleased with my purchase. It is both high quality and affordable. Handbags are that essential accessory that you absolutely should be in… [Read More]

Red thrift-store dresses that put romance in Valentine’s Day

We love Valentine’s Day because it’s an excuse to take a day to celebrate those we love. Whether or not you intend to hit up your favorite Italian restaurant or the local burger joint, why not go all out in a little red dress? We gathered some of our favorite red dresses that are sure… [Read More]

Fashionista: Count on thrift for layered winter pieces

When it’s freezing cold outside, there is nothing better than loading on layered winter pieces. Thrift store layering pieces most definitely will keep you warm, and these looks come together easily with a few tips. Opt for pieces such as cardigans, sweaters, vests, turtlenecks or any type of long-sleeve shirt. Then add jeans or leggings… [Read More]

How to master the monochromatic look

Monochromatic means single color. There are a lot of perks to wearing a monochromatic look. It takes away the challenge of finding coordinating pieces in the perfect colors. You can build an outfit that is just as striking as if you were wearing a bold print, and the finished product looks uber-classy. This is also… [Read More]

Fashionista: Binge-worthy winter thrift apparel

If you look up the definition of binge, it’s about indulging in an activity in excess. Well, let’s binge in warm and cozy winter thrift apparel. Show of hands. When the snap of arctic air hits, who wants to stay in rather than go out? Yup, me too. And let’s face it. The holidays are… [Read More]

3 items to bring a jolt to your winter wardrobe

By this time of the winter season, you likely are dealing with a case of cabin fever only the early arrival of spring could temper. Your winter wardrobe hears you! It, too, is feeling that same been-there-done-that boredom that comes with wear after wear after wear. We all need a change and a break from… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter shops secondhand for puppy

Our sweet new puppy, Hazel, turned into a member of the family as soon as she was brought home six months ago. Being the thrifter I am, I found a great deal, put her in a box, ran the doorbell and everyone was crying when they saw her on the doorstep. As you can imagine,… [Read More]

The rule of three for stylish outfits

The rule of three is the concept that groupings of three are more aesthetically pleasing, humorous and effective than groups of other things. Think about it: everything works better in threes: home décor, slogans and catchphrases, design, landscaping. Oh, heck, there were even three little pigs! The rule of three is widely used in everything… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s go-to winter outfits

With three kids and a photography business, Shelley is on the go and wants her clothing to be as flexible as she is. For what to wear in winter, she turns to comfy leggings and skinny jeans. A seasoned thrifter, Shelley turns to Goodwill to save money on trendy finds and found these winter tops… [Read More]

New year, new you! Shop on a budget for ‘new’ clothes

Be the toast of the town! Ring in the new year while feeling like you’re at the top of your game by looking and feeling your best. New year, new you! How about new clothes? We know. It’s hard to justify spending money on yourself after doling out dollar after dollar on holiday gifts for… [Read More]

Shelley the Goodwill thrifter’s Free People find

I hit the jackpot during my most recent Goodwill trip. My lucky find was a Free People sweater! This sweater, which retails for $128 online, was all mine for $14.99. The pictures show me texting my trendy girlfriend my latest treasure and her sending back a different way to wear it. My friends and I… [Read More]