How do you feel about money?

By John Polakowski We all have opinions and feelings about money. We love having enough — or more than enough — money and hate running short or living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Information and Service Center, a program of Goodwill, offers free Power of Money workshops. Participants can discover proven ways to build a budget… [Read More]

Christmas in July: Tips on making a holiday spending plan

By Jodi Moynihan It happens every year. Sometime in summer, that one super organized friend will tell you how she has started her Christmas shopping already. No matter how much you love Christmas and Christmas shopping, it takes extra planning and preparing to think about the people you need to buy gifts for and how… [Read More]

Deployed husband’s gift accidentally donated

If you love a story with a happy ending, this one is for you! Molly Cook, customer experience team leader at the Oshkosh Retail Store and Training Center, received a frantic phone call on a May evening from a woman, who said she was in the middle of a move and her jewelry box had… [Read More]

Here’s how to take the sting out of summer spending

When is the last time you remember taking a vacation and not going over your spending budget? If the answer is, “Gee, I really can’t remember,” you are not alone. A 2015 study conducted by Experian reported that 68% of people spend more than expected on vacation. Millennials, especially, rely heavily on the use of… [Read More]

Fourth annual Goodwill scavenger hunt honors organizer’s mom

The fourth annual Restoring Hope Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt was held over Mother’s Day weekend and took teams to Goodwill retail store and training centers throughout the Fox Valley in search of goodies on their list and with a few special tasks and fun challenges to complete, including finding albums or CDs featuring artists from… [Read More]

Box shredder promotes recycling and job training

An industrial cardboard shredder being used at Goodwill NCW’s Shiner Center in Appleton not only repurposes recyclable materials, saving money and resources, but it also provides job-training opportunities for program participants. It’s a win-win for Goodwill’s Mission Services and E-commerce teams that has the opportunity for more growth. Using the cardboard boxes Goodwill receives from… [Read More]

Former FISC client becomes debt management specialist

When Jodi Moynihan tells her clients struggling with debt, “I can relate,” she means it. Jodi, who joined Goodwill’s FISC program as a debt management specialist in May 2018, is a former client who received financial coaching and assistance 20 years ago from FISC. She and her husband were about $30,000 in debt after living… [Read More]

VF Outdoor Appleton supports Goodwill program with Vans sale

Communities make Goodwill NCW programs a success, and a recent fundraiser that benefitted the Miracle League of the Fox Valley shows the power in that support. VF Outdoor, which is based in Appleton, is a subsidiary of VF Corp. and offers support for such VF Corp. brands such as Vans, The North Face, JanSport, Timberland… [Read More]

Former program participant retires as program coordinator

It’s a great day at the Goodwill store! Anyone who knows Victoria Williams Kriegl has heard that mantra lovingly repeated over and over throughout the 16 years she has worked for Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin. It’s one she shares with shoppers, team members, program participants and anyone within earshot. It’s just that kind… [Read More]

Restorative justice program leader receives community award

The Wausau Police Department hosts an annual awards banquet to celebrate the great work performed by the WPD staff and community partners. This year, Paula Schultz, leader of Marathon County Restorative Justice, a program of Goodwill, received the Community Caretaker Award at the March 5 banquet. The community caretaker honor is usually awarded to a… [Read More]

Oshkosh teachers see life-changing work of Goodwill program

Goodwill’s School-to-Work program has provided positive, life-changing experiences for the Oshkosh West High School students that teachers Kris Steinhilber and Patti Kimball have brought through at the Oshkosh Retail Store and Training Center on 20th Avenue. Tyler Andre, 18, is one of them. “He needs to get out and get into the community,” his father… [Read More]

Don Hollaway honored

Don Hollaway honored as local hero

Don Hollaway, IT network administrator, was honored at a March 6 Herd basketball game in Oshkosh for being a local hero and going above and beyond to support the community. Joined by his children, Don was recognized in front of the fans at center court before the home game. Don was nominated and honored because… [Read More]

A story of tragedy and a lesson for all

Barron County Restorative Justice is a program of Goodwill. Kim Lee and her son, Hunter, got involved with the program several years ago after the loss of their son and brother Dylan. Hunter’s father was driving drunk on Thanksgiving when he was in a car accident that killed Dylan. This is their story.

Program participant’s 20 years of success celebrated

The team at Oshkosh Retail Store and Training Center recently celebrated Andy Yohn’s 20th anniversary with Goodwill with cake and pizza. And while all anniversaries are special, this one is especially meaningful. Before joining the store, Andy worked at the Appleton Shiner Center in Goodwill’s Contractivity! program, which gives people with barriers to employment job-training… [Read More]

Sights set on new TV? Here’s how to e-cycle old one

With the Super Bowl coming up Feb. 3, millions of football fans will be tuning in to the big game. And that means the oldie but goodie TV that has had its place in the family room armoire for going on a decade now might not cut it for this year’s pigskin showdown. While people… [Read More]