5 Halloween costumes for men

Classics like vampires, zombies, pirates and superheroes traditionally are popular Halloween costumes for men, according to the National Retail Federation. But every year those classics are joined by creative DIY men’s Halloween costumes that are a bit more out of the box.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween continues to be a hugely popular holiday with adults, too. Here are five fun ideas to inspire you this Halloween.

Tacky tourist: Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, long socks, sandals, camera, sunglasses, lei, satchel and hat. Play up the stereotype by pulling out all the stops with this comical costume. Top it off with some sunscreen plastered on your nose and you’re ready to head out!

Mad scientist: White collared shirt, white lab coat, bowtie, safety goggles, wig, gloves and flask with colorful potion or soap suds. Embrace your nerdy side and experiment by concocting this clever DIY look. For added fun, grab a friend who can be your Frankenstein sidekick.

Mad Hatter: Black jacket, vest, dress pants, dress shoes, top hat or pinstriped hat, fingerless gloves and bowtie. Take a dark turn as this twist on the fictional character in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Grab a cup of tea, and you’re ready for the spotlight!

Joe Exotic: Wildly printed shirt, belt, jeans, gold chains, jewelry, stuffed animal tigers and mullet wig. Bring on this eccentric real-life character made famous by the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” and who is now serving time in prison for killing tigers and concocting a plot to take out his rival.

Through the decades: Celebrate eras gone by with this group costume idea that pays tribute to the fashionable, or maybe we should say fashions, that decades of the past brought to life. Whether embracing the groovy styles of the disco era or the dapper designs of the ’50s, this is a costume concept everyone can get into.

Whether you love thrifting for the thrill of the hunt, to feel good about helping others or to help keep items out of the landfills, you’ll find 1,000s of new items daily.

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