Back-to-school looks for college

School might be all about the ABCs, but when it comes to college fashion it’s really about the Ls: leggings and layers.

No back-to-school wardrobe is complete without these staples. These basics are the inspiration and building blocks for looks that fit college students’ individualized style and personalities.

Look No. 1: Showcase the Ls with a layering cardigan over a soft tee made even better with comfy black leggings and slip-on sandals. This is what college is all about! Cost breakdown: American Eagle cardigan, $8.99; Jansport Wisconsin Badger T-shirt, $4.99; Old Navy leggings, $3.99; and American Eagle sandals, $5.99. Total for 4 pieces: $23.96

Look No. 2: Name-brand jeans are where it’s at, and every parent knows how big that chunk of change is. That’s why secondhand name-brand jeans are the best. Cost breakdown: Hollister jeans, $12.99; Gap thermal shirt in gray khaki, $5.99; and canvas shoes, $2.99 with 50% off color tag of the week. Total for 3 pieces: $21.97

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