Bring Good Home with DIY Christmas gifts

Julie Braun sees nothing but potential in sweaters that no longer are in style by giving them a second life as DIY Christmas gifts.

The Appleton mom of two and do-it-yourselfer shops thrift for sweaters throughout the year so she can provide homemade Christmas gifts by repurposing them into warm mittens. She also sells the mittens along with homemade candles in a local shop.

Thrifting is a hobby she and her daughter share, and they are on a mission for sweaters with cool patterns, colors and fabrics.

On a recent trip, the two discovered a major find – a Norwegian sweater, with an original price of $300. They paid $8.99 at their local Goodwill for the treasure, and Julie was able to make four pair of homemade mittens – her “favorites!” — from the one sweater.

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