DIY Book Page Wreath

Creating a fun, unique wreath as part of your home or holiday decor is easy with just a few simple items. In this do-it-yourself article, we will walk you through the steps of how you can make this DIY book page wreath with supplies you can find at your local Goodwill.

Supplies needed:
● Books to disassemble
● Old record
● Hot glue gun
● X-Acto knife
● Paper trimmer (optional)

Step 1: For this book page wreath, we found a thrifted book that had some interesting characteristics such as embellished chapter cover pages. The font of the book also was appealing, so we chose this one to use for our wreath.

Step 2: Using an X-Acto knife, cut along the edges of the pages as close to the binding as possible. The goal is to try and make even-sized page cuttings, which will help to keep the wreath more even and circular in shape. (Optional: Use a paper trimmer with measurements to ensure straight edges.)

Step 3: Once you have your pages cut out, select a few different sizes of page heights. This will be important as we build out the wreath to have a tiered look.

Step 4: Roll each piece of paper into a tapered cone. Glue the open edge to the cone using a hot glue gun.

Step 5: Once all of the cones are created, hot glue a base layer of the largest cones to the record, with the tapered end in the center of the record and the open end facing outward, similar to petals on a flower. Continue until the entire record is filled. Begin gluing a second layer of cones. Add as many layers as you would like to give your wreath dimension. As you move up in layers, use smaller size cones.

The center of the record is a perfect location to hang the wreath from. Make one wreath or multiple wreaths to spruce up your decor!

Whether you love thrifting for the thrill of the hunt, to feel good about helping others or to help keep items out of the landfills, you’ll find 1,000s of new items daily.

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