DIY painted canvas

Looking to add some fun to your home decor? Try this thrifted painting upcycle technique to add some flair to your space!

Here are the items you’ll need:

  • Canvas (thrifted from your local Goodwill)
  • Assorted paint colors
  • Brushes
  • Water to wash brush
  • Paper towel

Step 1: Gather supplies

Choose paint colors that will complement those that are already on the canvas.

Step 2: Plan your approach

Take some time to see what you might be able to add to your painting. In this example, we used the quote, “Let your light shine.” Find out how it will fit on your canvas by using a pencil to outline and making a guide for lettering.

Step 3. Begin painting

Design your color palette to compliment the canvas. Paint in layers. If you will be writing words, it’s helpful to put the first color down at the beginning of the painting, allowing it to dry before going over with an additional color.

Step 4. Add in details

What are the elements of the painting that you enjoy? Use some colorful paint to add in your own details to brighten these up! In this example, we loved the flowers and also wanted to include some more “shine” to go with the quote. So, we highlighted the flowers and added stars and little dashes to serve as beams of light, helping to make them look bright. The swirls made this painting feel even more whimsical!

Here are some detail examples to consider:

  • Dashes
  • Swirls
  • Dots
  • Zigzags
  • Blending two colors together
  • Adding highlights and shadows to the elements (example here would be the leaves)
  • Painting over parts you want to pop off the canvas

Step 5: Final text and details

If you are writing in a quote and want to use multiple colors, go back and add the second layer of color. Make sure your first layer is fully dry. Add in any last-minute details you may want.

Give your canvas time to dry fully before adding it to a wall, shelf or decorative space. Then, when you receive compliments on it you can say, “Thanks! I thrifted and painted it!”

Happy DIYing!

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