DIY ugly Christmas sweaters as charming as they are ugly

By Sophie Leppanen

Some might consider them ugly, but we think they’re more charming and festive than anything. Making a DIY ugly Christmas sweater is a great way to spread some holiday cheer. Shop Goodwill for everything you need to recreate these imaginative looks and have fun getting creative!


Hula Hoop Christmas Tree Sweater

Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

This Christmas tree sweater idea is from lifestyle blogger Gingy Pants, and it’s as cute as it is corny. In fact, we are super impressed with the realistic proportions of her tree. All you need is a green sweater, hula hoop, ornaments, unsubtle garland, sparkly tree topper and cute shoes to match. The best part is this concept has you become the tree itself!


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3D Reindeer Holiday Sweater

Reindeer Sweater

This one is easy to make and oh so funny because when you wear it, it looks like you’re riding a reindeer. Grab a knit sweater from Goodwill’s apparel section. We recommend one with a holiday theme or solid color of red, white or green. Next, make your way to the toy aisle and find yourself a stuffed animal with antlers — think reindeer, moose or you might even find an elk! We found this furry friend here for just $5.99.

Instructions: The first part is the hardest (like emotionally). Cut the stuffed animal in half, between its front and back legs. Stitch the top half to the front of the sweater with needle and thread and attach the hind legs to your sweater’s back. Ta-da! You can now gallop around and spread holiday cheer like fallen snowflakes.

Bonus: Make sure people know it’s Rudolph by sewing a red pompom onto the nose.

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The “Ugly Tie” Christmas Tree Sweater

Ugly Tie Sweater

Pattie Wilkinsen from nailed this satirical DIY ugly Christmas sweater concept. Humorously over-the-top, there is hardly any blank canvas on this masterpiece. All you need is a plain red sweater, three to five men’s ties, plenty of buttons, scissors and fabric adhesive and tape.

The ties come together to create the outline of a Christmas tree. If you can find holiday ties, great! If not, any patterned men’s ties will work. Use three ties for a Charlie Brown tree or go for a girthy spruce with Pattie’s five-tie concept.

We found the ties above in Goodwill’s men’s apparel section for a steal of $1.99 to $3.99 each. We also found a pearl necklace for $5.99 that we thought made the perfect tree topper.


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