Dog Halloween costumes that are a real treat

Dogs are getting in on the Halloween fun, too, by dressing up for this sweet holiday.

Pet costumes continue to gain popularity, with nearly 17% of celebrants — or 29 million people — planning to dress their pets in costumes, according to the National Retail Federation.

According to the NRF, 9% of pet lovers will dress their animal in a pumpkin costume, while 7% will dress their cat or dog as a hot dog, 7% as a superhero and 4% as a bumblebee.

Here are a few costumes found at Goodwill fit for our four-legged friends.

Super girl: This superhero is super cute with a made-for-pets onesie with cape. Your pet will be the Halloween hit of the neighborhood.

Deer: Oh, dear, is this a winner! An elastic headband with lightweight foam antlers and a child’s faux fur vest are all it takes to turn this four-legged creature into a different four-legged creature.

Pirate: This children’s costume can do double duty for your dog, too! With a frilly, loose white shirt, your pooch will have insta recognition. Or go with an already made one-piece dog costume and hat. Arr, matey.

Santa: Santa at Halloween? Who wouldn’t love this holiday mix-up! Featuring a fluffy hat and beard to slip over a dog’s face along with a simplified red suit, this one has jolly in the bag!

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