Fashionista: A Halloween costume made for a princess

Halloween is upon us, and if you need a costume head on over to Goodwill!

Being that I am a GW fashionista, it’s a no-brainer that I chose to be a princess. I love my beautiful gown with its yards and yards of tulle and sparkly beading. All I needed was my crown and a wand and found it all at Goodwill.

I wish it could be Halloween all month because I love that dress so much. And my granddaughter loves anything Disney princess, so I really do it for her. Wink-wink!

If you want to be an evil princess then be the Disney icon we all love to hate — Cruella De Vil. She is wealthy so an extravagant dress, long gloves, black and white wig, statement jewelry and a long cigarette holder would complete the look.

Take your creative ideas and have fun putting together your own homemade costume. And, hello, no high spending on those outrageously flimsy costumes from big-box stores. When you say HALLOWEEN you say GW!

Cost breakdown: Light blue tulle and sequined dress, $14.99; and tiara and wand in a package, $5.99.

I love being a legit princess on Halloween. Happy Halloween shopping at Goodwill.

About Therese Bishop: Therese is Goodwill’s fashionista and always is on the hunt for her next great treasure. She writes regularly about her fashion finds.



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