Fashionista: Falling for discounted prices at Goodwill

Leaves aren’t the only things falling. The prices on these Goodwill finds also are falling.  This entire look features items that either were on clearance or half off with the color tag of the week.

Be sure to go to the clearance section of the store first. This is something I do every time I shop at GW. I have found so many treasures in that area. While shopping the rest of the store, keep that 50% off color tag of the week in your mind as you peruse the racks if you are on the hunt for bargains.

I can’t say what piece I love best! I love them all! Every time I shop I look for long tunic tops. More often than not this style will get in my cart. They are a comfortable, easy look, and the style is favorable, flattering and forgiving for any body type. The best part is I found this warm, mustard-colored tunic on the clearance rack.

Let’s consider the exceptional prices on my other pieces, shall we?

These high-waisted leggings are so comfortable and aren’t tight or restricting. They have a  comfortable waistband as well. Nothing is worse than wearing a pair of leggings that may initially look flattering but are the first to come off because they are too tight.

So far we have a beautiful tunic and the most comfortable pair of leggings. We’ve got three items left in this autumn outfit, and the prices continue to fall.

This pair of clogs — what a find. Did you know that clogs are on trend for fall and winter? I’ve been scouting the fashion blogs, and the ’70s theme is going strong. What makes these even more comfortable is the fur lining. These are like walking on shag carpet. The news here is that they are 50% off with the color tag of the week. Comfort and savings? Yes, please.

Leopard is the new neutral, and this purse is perfect with this outfit. It has all the bells and whistles — tons of pockets, comfortable strap, magnetic snap. I also snapped up this necklace that carries all the colors of fall. It’s so pretty with the color of the tunic.

I bet you are wondering the price. The entire price of this gorgeous five-piece outfit was $24.45!

Cost breakdown: 42pops tunic, $1.99 clearance; Ann Taylor leggings, $6.49 with 50% off color tag of the week; purse, $4.99 with 50% off color tag of the week; b.o.c. faux fur clog, $5.99 with 50% off color tag of the week; Lia Sophia necklace, $4.99 with 50% off color tag of the week.

This is exactly why I shop at Goodwill! Sustainable. Supporting our community. #GWBestDayEver

About Therese Bishop: Therese is Goodwill’s fashionista and always is on the hunt for her next great treasure. She writes regularly about her fashion finds.

Whether you love thrifting for the thrill of the hunt, to feel good about helping others or to help keep items out of the landfills, you’ll find 1,000s of new items daily.

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