Fashionista: Shop Goodwill for all things floral and feminine

I absolutely love this thrifted feminine look for so many reasons.

Let’s begin with the beautiful floral blouse that has eye-catching details such as the tied front and the embroidered lace that runs down the sleeves. Tops like these require camis or a pretty bralette.

The open-weave cardigan adds to the feminine touch, and it’s perfect for when the temps suddenly get cooler when going from outside to an air-conditioned space. The added special detail is the fringe on the bottom, which when worn gives a special free-flowing look when you walk by. This is again a neutral color that can be worn many different ways. A basic white tee or a light blue blouse would be great options. You could even wear this as a beach cover-up. This item is also from the Chico’s Travelers collection, meaning if you just threw it in your suitcase in a ball it would come out wrinkle free.

To finish up this look I found a neutral pair of tan capris. Once again, a neutral color of tan goes with everything, which makes it definitely worth the purchase. It likely will be part of your wardrobe for a long time.

Shop Goodwill for all things floral and feminine.

Cost breakdown: American Rag floral blouse, $6.99; Chico’s cardigan, $11.99; Elle capri pants, $4.99.

You’ve got the look so let’s have some wine and charcuterie board treats with your besties.

About Therese Bishop: Therese is Goodwill’s fashionista and always is on the hunt for her next great treasure. She writes regularly about her fashion finds.

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