Find Halloween costume inspiration in Goodwill guide

Goodwill is your Halloween Headquarters, and coming up with lots of creative costume ideas is what we do!

Our 48-page Halloween guide offers ideas and the makings of traditional and trendy costumes for couples, groups, adults and children. You can find your inspiration here.

Let’s take a look inside.

Costume ideas for couples and groups: Everyone loves a theme, and Halloween costumes are no different. Not only are they clever, but they look like you put some thought and work into it.

Find this: Thanks to the popularity of the “Beauty and the Beast” movie, character costumes are sure to be one of the hot looks for Halloween. Not only do you have Beauty and Beast for a couple, but you can build more of the characters — think Cogsworth the clock, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts — into a group ensemble.

Children: Some themes never go out of style and that includes looking to careers (rock star, pet vet and fireman) eras (rad ’80s girl), history (Cleopatra) and sports (football player) for inspiration. Our guide book is no different, with a nod to those popular genres.

Find this: Pop culture and movies are timeless sources of costume ideas as well, and they are perfect for do-it-yourself creations or already packaged ones that require little effort. We’ve got Dorothy and Toto from “Wizard of Oz,” R2-D2 from “Star Wars,” a princess from “Frozen” and Minions from “Despicable Me.” Have a group of kids going together? “Grease” is the word!

Adults: Show of your personality with a costume that plays up your fun side and have a great time putting it together, too.

Find this: If you’re looking for fun but easy, there are many options that still fulfill your do-it-yourself preferences but don’t require a lot of work. Pick up some suspenders, a bow tie and black-frame glasses to wear with too-short jeans, a dress shirt and Converse or sensible shoes. Nerd alert! Or grab an ’80s prom dress — the poofier the sleeves the better — add a tiara, some flowers, heels and a sash and you’re a prom queen!

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