Goodwill consultants help with Halloween costume ideas

If you’re big into scaring up fun every Halloween with creative Halloween costume ideas, but inspiration is scarce this year and you’ve already plowed your way through a bag of candy corn trying to come up with something new and different, you’ll be happy to know that help is here.

Goodwill NCW has put together a Halloween costume idea book that is loaded with creative Halloween costume ideas that feature both traditional and trendy themes.

According to the National Retail Federation, last year’s total Halloween spending was about $9 billion, according to the National Retail Federation, with $3.2 billion spent on costumes overall.

To help shoppers with the overwhelming process of choosing the right costume and the ideal accessories to go with it, Goodwill is offering costume consultants at each of its 27 stores throughout north central Wisconsin. It’s like having a free personal shopper and is a service we’ve offered since 2013.

“It started because several team members at our stores kept dressing the mannequins in costumes and customers kept buying them off the mannequins,” said Toni Marten, retail team leader. “On busy Saturdays, they began buying them before they could get the mannequin dressed. We realized some customers needed assistance picking out the costume.”

Here’s what you need to know.

When are costume consultants in the stores?

Costume consultants are available in all retail stores and training centers starting Oct. 4.

What can they help me with?

Costume consultants can help with as little or as much as you need. If you have an idea and want help selecting individual items, they can do that. If you have a costume already and are looking for accessories, they can do that. If you are just beginning the process and need a few ideas, they can do that, too. They are there to help you.

What does the service cost?

It’s free! And better yet, your purchases at Goodwill, a not-for-profit human services organization, help fund job-training opportunities and more for your neighbors in north central Wisconsin.

Who are the costume consultants and how are they identified?

Look for a Goodwill team member dressed in costume. “They are familiar with all the products on the floor and have ideas to share,” Toni said. “They want to help customers come up with the perfect costume!”

No matter what costume you choose — whether it’s already made or requires some DIY talent — Goodwill can dress you up!

About Goodwill: Goodwill NCW is a nonprofit human services organization whose mission is Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment across 35 counties in north central Wisconsin. The organization includes 27 retail stores and training centers in communities from Manitowoc to La Crosse, 24 human services programs, a unique shopping experience at its Appleton outlet store, plus online shopping at, a women’s apparel website, and It offers four Donation Express sites and 10 convenient donation bins throughout the Fox Cities. Goodwill NCW is a Platinum Level member of, the world’s largest source of nonprofit organization information. Visit

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