Men’s Halloween costume ideas

Classics like vampires, zombies, pirates and superheroes are expected to be popular men’s Halloween costume ideas once again, according to the National Retail Federation.

But every year those classics are joined by creative DIY men’s Halloween costumes that are influenced by pop culture, YouTube, movies, headlines and celebrities. When looking for inspiration for the perfect costume, 29% percent of consumers will look in stores. Others find ideas online, through family and friends and on social media.

Here are five men’s Halloween costume ideas that go beyond the classics.

Disco dazzler: Seventies disco is staying alive with this far-out costume that has a vibe everyone can dig. With this gold shirt, groovy hat, bell-bottom pants, aviator sunglasses and fake fur coat, your ’70s throwback costume is right on!

Bob Ross: Get in touch with your artistic side and bring the iconic PBS painter to life. The key to this costume is a curly-haired wig along with painting supplies. Wear a dress shirt and jeans, and you’ve got the look.

Mario Bros.: Take your costume to the next level with the help of Luigi, Mario and Princess Peach. You’ll have instant recognition with this ’80s video game. Jean overalls, solid tees and a matching cap are all you need to pull off this winning look.

Bare Bones: This black and white ensemble is a twist on the old-school, traditional ghost featuring black pants with a fabric paint design, white button-up shirt, black tee, suspenders and fedora. Pinstriped clothing also would fit here. Add some touches of makeup to top off the skeletal look.

Secret agent: This top-secret costume idea will make anyone look super official. Wear a dark suit, sunglasses and an earpiece and be sure to carry a badge. Keep up appearances by staying tightlipped and mysterious. Here come the Men in Black …

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