Stylish thrift store jackets for staying warm

When the temperatures dip, it’s easy to throw on your go-to sweatshirt and call it a win. And that’s OK. But sometimes you need more than ol’ trusty, so there are other ways to stay comfy, warm and chic on the days you would rather crawl back in bed. Enter thrift store jackets.

There is an endless supply of jackets you easily can find while thrift shopping, but we have our favorites. Read on for our curated list of trendy thrift store jackets we found to help us stay warm this season.

The Basic

It’s hard to go to brunch or Target without seeing one. A cargo jacket with a waist-cinching drawstring is a necessity to every wardrobe. It doubles as a layering piece in the winter. This thrift store jacket pairs well with distressed denim, a striped tee, sneakers and a top knot.

The Layer

You simply can’t go wrong with a blazer any time of the year but wearing one in the winter seems like a no-brainer. It’s a great way to make your thinner tees and even tanks make an appearance on chillier days. For a dressier option, try one on over a dress for a winter wedding. To keep it casual, pair with dark skinnies and roll the sleeves.

The Beast

Depending on where you live, you know what we are referring to. Hooded, lined, long and snuggly. Let’s be real. It’s your lifeline when you must leave your cozy lair. This is our favorite jacket to find thrift shopping because it’s a real steal.

The Queen

The most elegant of all thrift store jackets is the peacoat. It’s the perfect option for when you need to dress it up a bit. It looks great with skirts, dresses, pants, boots, you name it. Add a scarf for a pop of color in the dull of winter and for some added warmth.

The Star

Speaking of color in winter, conjure up some warmer thoughts by sporting a thrift store jacket in a non-neutral color. Think red, orange, purple or a pretty blue. Add either a neutral scarf to tone it down or a bold scarf with a coordinating color.

The Practical

For your run to the grocery store or to walk the dog, we like a sportier, everyday option. Look for a jacket with nice-sized pockets to put your keys and phone and a hood to throw up in the elements. We like to pair this thrift store jacket with a hoodie, a pair of joggers and running shoes. You also could potentially layer a puffy vest over it.

Whatever you decide to layer up under this winter, find it by shopping thrift store jackets at Goodwill NCW. Why? The reasons are endless. You save money. You support a great mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment. You can afford to buy more than one jacket per season. You look great. You can try out new styles without committing your savings account to doing so. You help the environment. Do we need to continue?



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