The best New Year’s Eve dresses trending now

Every year, there seems to be such a focus on Christmas and everything that goes with it that New Year’s kind of gets left behind.

Vow to do it differently this year, and Goodwill can help. If you focus on New Year’s Eve dresses that have a nod to the classics — the velvets, the sequins, or a little black dress — you might surprise yourself with more time to enjoy the merriment of the season, all while rocking a trendy look.


Velvet is a holiday fashion staple, exuding a royal elegance and sophistication. Holiday cocktail parties, holiday theatrical performances and New Year’s Eve soirees are all graced by this traditional, luxe holiday party dress. Blacks, dark greens and deep hues of red, like burgundy and merlot, pay a rich homage to the holiday season, while accessories like shimmering necklaces and earrings add enchantment. Don’t think of velvet as highbrow, though. It also can be the base for a more casual look, so don’t hesitate to layer. Pair a knee-length velvet dress with a pair of trendy boots or make the dress into a skirt by throwing a trendy, oversized sweater on top.


Like tinsel on a tree with 1,000 lights, you simply will shimmer with a sequin-donned cocktail party dress. Whether fully or partially sequined, you can create a look that is festive and radiant. If you aren’t sold on a completely sequined dress, consider separates: a sequined top and a skirt or just the opposite with a sequined skirt and a simple top.

The Little Black Dress

Always in style, always glamorous and always ready for a party, the little black dress is a stunning New Year’s Eve party dress classic. Mention the words New Year’s cocktail party and “little black dress” pops to mind. The best thing about the LBD is that it offers an open palette for creativity and self-expression. You can keep it simple and chic or you can glam it up as much as you want.

Long or short, a little black dress never goes out of style. Give it your personal festive flare with bold or subtle designs. For a simple look, accessorize with simple jewelry. For a knock-over-the-bowl-of-eggnog look, go with bold and colorful accessories. Think statement earrings and festive heels.

Whatever style you choose and personal statement you make, you are bound to turn heads and enjoy your evening ringing in the new year!

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