Donations and purchases make impact in Wisconsin communities

Thanks for giving.

And for donating, shopping, supporting, caring and cheering us on.

By giving to Goodwill in whatever shape it takes, you back Goodwill’s programs and services such as Early Intervention Services, Miracle League, Vocational Support Services and Talent Shop.

Across the state, we assist 27 programs and services through our 26 retail stores and training centers and so do you by donating and shopping. In 2014, we touched the lives of more than 68,000 people across north central Wisconsin. This year, we are driven to make just as big of an impact by elevating people one by one and transforming communities as a result.

Here are three ways we have made a difference in 2015 with your help, in the voices of those who have witnessed the wonder firsthand.


thank you AllisonAllison Weber, Vocational Support Services

“Allison Weber is a great example of how one of Goodwill’s programs, Vocational Support Services, helps individuals in our community find and maintain community employment. Allison started working with VSS in 2010, right out of high school, to find community employment. VSS helped Allison with creating a resume, completing applications, interview preparation and spoke to businesses on her behalf. After completing several work trials where she was able to try working in different environments on different tasks, Allison finally has the perfect diverse schedule that she and her parents were hoping for. Allison works at The Fire in downtown Appleton on Wednesday afternoons where she grouts mosaic pieces that customers create. On Thursday mornings, Allison assists in the office area at Laminations where she primarily works on shredding documents. On Friday mornings, Allison works at Machine Shed rolling silverware and sanitizing menus. Allison does have a VSS job coach with her for all her shifts to ensure she is successful at each of her jobs that she loves so much!”

— Amy Rehfeldt, vocational benefit coordinator. Vocational Support Services is a program designed to support people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community.


thank you SawyerSawyer Prein, Early Intervention Services

“Sawyer was referred to Early Intervention Services at the age of 21 months due to concerns with language development. During home visits, Sawyer and his family participated in the primary-coach approach to teaming, which provides the opportunity for families to observe demonstration of strategies from a primary coach/interventionist, try the strategies and then implement them into their daily routine using objects within their natural environment or home. Throughout their time with Early Intervention Services, Sawyer’s family learned strategies to help encourage Sawyer to develop and use language skills throughout his daily routine to get his needs and wants met. Through modeling the use of gestures — sign language — and beginning consonant sounds, Sawyer’s family implemented the strategies during their daily family routines to encourage Sawyer to ask for more milk when he is thirsty. Before learning gestures and constant sounds, Sawyer would throw his cup over the baby gate into the kitchen and wait for his parents to fill the cup. Together with Sawyer’s family, we worked to brainstorm and discuss sensory strategies for Sawyer to have success while eating with a spoon. Sawyer has sensory time before dinner, which allows him to play with uncooked noodles, beans, rice and sand so when he is provided with food he eats it instead of plays with it. Through the transition process between Early Intervention Services and the Oshkosh Area School District, Sawyer turned 3 in September and currently attends school within Early Childhood Special Education Programming, where he continues to develop language to help him succeed within his everyday routines. We are proud of Sawyer and his family and the hard work they did to learn, practice and implement strategies to help Sawyer be successful.”

— Jennifer Anderson, early childhood special education teacher, Early Intervention Services; and Jennifer Fischer, service coordinator. EIS provides intervention services to children birth to 3 with disabilities or developmental delays.


thank you linda meisLinda Meis, The Talent Shop

“Linda Meis is one of our longest-standing artisans. She lived in an apartment above our former location on Scott Street, therefore, was a frequent visitor to the shop. Linda, 60, depends on a ride to come to visit the shop now and to bring in additional merchandise. Her specialty is knotted dishcloths. She calls each month to see how many she sold — every volunteer is familiar with her — so that she knows how many she can bring in. It’s routine! She also brings a treat every now and then at the beginning of the month to thank us for doing a great job selling her items. Most recently, Linda brought a thank you card. It said, ‘Thank you for 10 years in the Talent Shop.’”

— Lori Plaza, programs outreach leader, Talent Shop. The Talent Shop is a program that features artisans and their talents and is located in the Rib Mountain Retail Store and Training Center. Work and volunteer opportunities are offered for people 50 and older.

To donate online, go to: and click on the “Donate to Goodwill” button.

To donate by U.S. Mail, send a check to:
VP of Development
Goodwill NCW
1800 Appleton Road
Menasha, WI 54952-3729

To phone in a donation, please contact Nancy Heykes at 800-482-0030.

Thanks for supporting Goodwill NCW!

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Goodwill NCW is a not-for-profit human services organization that in 2014 helped improve the lives of more than 68,600 people across 35 counties in north central Wisconsin, through 27 programs and services. The organization includes 26 retail stores and training centers in communities from Manitowoc to La Crosse, and as far north as Rice Lake and Rhinelander, as well as provides a unique shopping experience at its Appleton outlet store. It offers eight Donation Express sites and 45 donation bins located throughout the Fox Cities and surrounding communities. Goodwill NCW uses the revenue from stores to fund a variety of innovative programs and services that serve north central Wisconsin communities.


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