Goodwill gives participant who is deaf the opportunity to shine ‘his light’

“The impact of working with Nick and Goodwill has been nothing short of amazing.”

That’s according to job coach Michele, who has been working with Nick Johnson, who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate, for nearly a year since Nick joined the Stevens Point Retail Store and Training Center.

“Our 18-month training program is designed to help individuals with employment barriers receive extensive job training and support to successfully enter the workforce and increase theire independence goals,” said Vickie Basar, Goodwill NCW manager of business and partnership development. “Nick is a stellar example of this program.”

Michele says that Nick has a great work ethic, is always smiling, works hard and is prideful in his duties. He will be the first one to pick up trash off the ground, puts like items together on shelves and if something isn’t aligned correctly or sitting properly on a shelf, he will fix it. Nick is always on time for work, checks in to see what his responsibilities are for the day and doesn’t stop working. When his shift is over, he already is talking about when he will be back at Goodwill to work.

“The benefits to Goodwill are endless, with his dedication, hard work, smiles, great attitude and willingness to go a little further, as he is very motivated,” Michele says. “Nick has been approached by customers and told what a hard worker he is.

“When I ask Nick what he feels about his job, he signs that he is very happy. The benefits to Nick have been a great tool in his independency and working hard and making money. He is understanding of his importance in the community and helping others, along with keeping busy and meeting people and shining his light like he does.”

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