Sights set on new TV? Here’s how to e-cycle old one

With the Super Bowl coming up Feb. 3, millions of football fans will be tuning in to the big game.

And that means the oldie but goodie TV that has had its place in the family room armoire for going on a decade now might not cut it for this year’s pigskin showdown.

While people often associate Black Friday with massive TV sales, according to Popular Science, the time leading up to the Super Bowl is when many of the higher-end TVs go on sale.

Consumer Reports says the second-best discounts on TVs come right before the Super Bowl.

When it comes to in with the new and out with the old, here are some tips on how to best e-cycle your television.

Be aware. There’s a good way and a bad way to dispose of your TV. We’ve all seen TV sets dumped on the side of the highway or hidden in the bottom of garbage cans, only to find their way to a landfill. Old-style cathode ray tube sets contain such toxic materials as lead and mercury and need to be recycled properly to avoid a negative impact on the environment and unsafe conditions for the people handling them.

“They have to be handled properly. If people just throw them away, it could be a hazardous-materials situation,” said Ann Ward, Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin post retail sales operations leader. “It can be dangerous.”

Be prepared to pay. Because there is a cost to properly recycle electronics, companies and municipalities are charging consumers to help cover the costs to properly recycle televisions, said John Cook, Goodwill NCW vice president of supply chain and Shiner Center operations.

“The reality is we paid almost $33,000 in e-cycling in 2018,” said John Cook, Goodwill NCW vice president of supply chain and Shiner Center operations, noting that the cost includes TVs and other electronics such as computers and cellphones.

In 2015, Americans had about 5 billion pounds’ worth of CRT TVs in their homes, according to a survey from the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse, a pro-recycling nonprofit organization.

Shop around. Even though there is a cost to the consumer for recycling, the fees vary, and it pays to shop around.

Goodwill NCW accepts TVs at its Shiner Center and Outlet Store location at 1341 W. Spencer St., Appleton, which allows for the proper recycling of televisions. All TVs — regardless of size and if they are a tube TV or flat screen — are just $15 each to donate for e-cycling.

Donation hours are 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Many businesses charge recycling fees based on the size of the TV or monitor, starting from $20 to $25 and going up to the $40 range.

Other electronics such as laptops, computer accessories, radios and cellphones can be donated to any Goodwill location at no cost.

Do your homework. If you aren’t sure where to start with e-cycling, start with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Go to to get an overview of the E-Cycle Wisconsin program. To find a place to take your electronics for recycling, click on find on the right side under electronics recycling for a nearby collection site.

“It’s a good resource, especially if you’re worried about data and if it’s not something we will take or there’s not a Goodwill by you,” Ann said.

All laptops, computers and cellphones donated to Goodwill NCW are wiped before they are sold, and all items being e-cycled are sent to a company that has been certified through the Wisconsin DNR to ensure data security won’t be compromised.

About Goodwill: Goodwill NCW is a not-for-profit human services organization that in 2017 helped improve the lives of more than 70,000 people across 35 counties in north central Wisconsin. Goodwill NCW is one of four companies in the nation to be honored with a Platinum Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America, which recognizes our commitment to wellness in the workplace. The organization includes 27 retail stores and training centers in communities from Manitowoc to La Crosse, 24 human services programs, a unique shopping experience at its Appleton outlet store, plus online shopping at, a women’s apparel website, and It offers four Donation Express sites and 10 convenient donation bins throughout the Fox Cities. Goodwill NCW is a Platinum Level member of, the world’s largest source of nonprofit organization information. Visit

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