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Goodwill U is part of our Circles of Care team at Goodwill. Circles of Care works with team members to promote emotional and spiritual, physical, financial and career wellness. Career wellness is where Goodwill U comes in. Goodwill U was created to deliver personal and professional growth opportunities for team members and team leaders seeking to invest in themselves.

Goodwill U

Our team of (from left to right in photo) Rachel Verstegen, learning and development specialist; Pete Helein, leader of Goodwill U and Circles of Care; Wes Powell, senior learning and development specialist; and Kristy Schafer, learning technologies specialist, are here to help.

The mission of Goodwill U is to create a culture of servant leadership by providing continuous learning and dream discovery. The vision is to engage and empower every team member and team leader to have a positive impact on Goodwill’s future. At the heart of Goodwill U is a rewarding learning experience, development of future leaders, opportunities for personal and professional excellence, and career pathways.

Goodwill U provides training through a self-directed learning center, found on our intranet site, which includes a library of books, online TED Talks and free online technology, math and reading classes through the Learning Management System (LMS). We also offer pathways to career development opportunities such as tuition reimbursement and career counseling. It’s about coaching, teaching and mentoring.

Also access some of the free classes here.

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