Pete Helein joins Goodwill NCW team

Former Appleton police chief joining Goodwill NCW team

Menasha — Pete Helein, former Appleton, Wis., chief of police, will begin his new career at Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin.

Helein, 55, will join Goodwill NCW on Jan. 5, 2015, in a two-pronged position: Overseeing the organization’s Circles of Care program; and building and overseeing the organization’s Goodwill University program.

“While exploring new opportunities to serve our community, I was attracted to Goodwill’s mission, vision, and values,” Helein said. “Goodwill’s mission of ‘Elevating People, Transforming Communities’ captured my attention and interest. What a powerful mission to embrace. People helping people can be a promising and rewarding endeavor.

“Goodwill’s vision — ‘To create a world where every person finds joy and purpose free from fear, exclusion, want or need’ — is thought-provoking. What a heartfelt and sincere promise to the communities served by Goodwill. The importance of treating all people with dignity and respect has always been important to me.”

The Circles of Care program provides financial, wellness and emotional counseling support for all 1,500 of Goodwill NCW’s team members.

Rev. Dottie Mathews, organizational chaplain who currently oversees the Circles of Care team, has announced plans to retire in July 2015. The organization is seeking a successor to Mathews as organizational chaplain.

Goodwill University is an investment in the growth of the organization’s team members, intended to offer learning and training opportunities through internal, external and digital opportunities. The program will seek partnership opportunities with educational systems throughout Goodwill NCW’s 35-county footprint in Wisconsin, and Helein will be charged with development of curriculum for the program, as well as oversight.

Bob Pedersen, Goodwill NCW’s president and chief executive officer, said Helein’s high-level experience as a manager of people and creator of training opportunities makes him a great choice to lead these two important services for the organization.

“Pete has tons of curriculum development in his background,” Pedersen said. “Much of that has been focused on bringing training on domestic violence and sexual abuse issues for his officers. That development has been a big part of his life.”

“The healthy growth and development of team members and team leaders is critical to the success and well-being of the communities served by Goodwill.” Helein said.

“The growing complexity and pace of life will continue to physically and mentally challenge people. Meeting the complex needs of people who are overwhelmed by an unforeseen tragedy, or who experience stress and anxiety trying to resolve an ongoing problem, or who face a health-related issue will be essential to the health and well-being of all people.

“Goodwill’s Circles of Care program is an investment in Goodwill Team Members. Investing and supporting people throughout their service to Goodwill, and to the community, is essential to a resilient and sustainable culture. The recruitment, selection, and retention of new team members and team leaders, willing to embrace and contribute to Goodwill’s mission, vision, and values, will remain a critical role as services evolve.”

Helein served his full 31-year career in the Appleton Police Department before his Sept. 5, 2014 retirement. The final 32 months of his law enforcement career were as chief of police.

Before assuming the department’s top position, Helein served as a patrol officer, police-school liaison officer, resource development unit specialist, accreditation manager, operations supervisor, commander of the Downtown, Northern and Southern police districts, commander of the detective bureau, and deputy chief of operations.

Helein has conducted extensive training across the nation on victims’ rights, domestic violence, and community policing. He represented the Appleton Police Department in an alliance with the Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs and the Wisconsin Department of Justice to implement strategies to integrate a community-policing philosophy and meet the needs of domestic abuse victims.

“My passion and desire to help people and serve communities is consistent with Goodwill’s mission, vision, and values,” Helein said. “While exploring Goodwill, I had the opportunity to listen to team members and team leaders passionately talk about their commitment to Goodwill’s values. The level of commitment, support, and positive energy was compelling and convinced me to join the team.

“By joining the Goodwill team, I will be able to contribute to the vibrant and sustainable circle of community support Goodwill has created. I will bring positive energy, creativity, and confidence. My compassion, sense of humor, and sincere desire to help people are a great fit for the position. The ability to work closely with people to impact their future in a meaningful way is a wonderful and rewarding endeavor.”

Helein earned a Bachelor of Science degree (major: law enforcement) from Northern Michigan University (Marquette, Mich.) and a Master of Science degree (criminal justice) from Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, Ky.).

Helein has served as the co-chair of the Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence and the chair of the Attorney General’s Crime Victim Council, and was honored as the state’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Helein traveled to Kurgan, Russia to lead a training team that was awarded an International Domestic Violence Prevention Training Program Grant by Sister Cities International. The training initiative focused on establishing a domestic abuse shelter, the creation of multi-specialty work groups, and promoting violence prevention and awareness.

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