Contracted Services

Contracted Services is the contract manufacturing arm of Goodwill NCW that assists businesses in accomplishing tasks that aren’t cost-efficient to be performed in-house. By outsourcing work locally to Goodwill, companies can save valuable staff time which, in turn, will help improve their bottom line.

GoodWipers is a product of Contracted Services. Scroll down for more information and a video.

Manufacturing Support

Sub-assembly • Disassembly • Kit-to-customer • Reconditioning

Our manufacturing support capabilities range from handling simple sub-assembly to detailed multi-piece production jobs and reconditioning of products and parts.

We have successfully worked with companies of all sizes, and welcome the opportunity to help you improve your bottom line, enhance your operating efficiencies and achieve lasting cost reduction.

Products and Packaging

Collating • Labeling • Co-packing • De-kitting • Sorting

Our experienced products and packaging team can hand sort, bundle, bag, wrap, box and accommodate all of your custom packaging requirements. We can also manage the preparation of your advertising and promotional product distributions.

Save your own staff’s time and effort by letting our trained team handle this work for you.

Recycling Assistance

Salvage • Recycling • Reclaim

We take our role in protecting the environment very seriously. Through our Recycling Assistance services, we can help customers like you keep as much by-product as possible from your processes out of the landfill.

We can assist with salvage/recycling of scrap loss and also find opportunities for reclaim of other waste, including creative reuse for hard-to-dispose-of materials.


What they are

GoodWipers are wiping cloths made from recycled textiles diverted from landfills. The products provide job-skills training within our GoodwillNCW programs and services to people who have barriers to employment while offering top-quality, low-cost wiping cloths to businesses and households.

Our products are essential to such industries as automotive, plumbing, paper manufacturing, welding, construction, custodial and more.


Heavy-grade cotton: All-purpose wiper cut from corduroy and cotton twill. Ideal for cleaning machines and other industrial uses. 87 cents a pound, packaged in 30-pound bags

Colored knits: Traditional household wiper cut from colored T-shirts. Made for cleaning, dusting, painting, scrubbing and staining. $1.10 a pound, packaged in 30-pound bags

White knits: Cut exclusively from white T-shirts. Perfect for furniture, door and woodwork staining. $1.61 a pound, packaged in 30-pound bags

Terry cloth: Our finest wiping cloth cut from highly absorbent bath towels. Durable for automotive as well as heating and air conditioning uses. $1.37 a pound, packaged in 25-pound bags


“We use the wipers on ALL of our job sites, ” said Brian Wiza of the Boldt Company. “The bag size and towel quantity are just right for our needs, and the price is really good.”

“We’re very happy with the products,” said Noreen Haak of Black Haak Heating and Cooling. “All personnel have always been very helpful, and the product is fairly priced.”

“The Shiner Center’s GoodWipers division has provided outstanding support — quick turnaround on orders, most times same day,” said Wes Baker of Mid Valley Industrial Services. “We can always expect and receive fast and courteous service.”

Contact: Tina Schaffert

Phone: 800-258-2419 or 920-560-1210

Ralph B. Shiner Center
1341 W. Spencer St.
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