img_giftcardGift Cards

Goodwill NCW is all about making each shopping experience enjoyable and convenient for you. Our gift cards allow you to purchase both new and donated goods at all our north central Wisconsin locations. You will discover that shopping Goodwill is not only easy on your budget, but also helps fund programs and services in your home community. Goodwill NCW is 100% not for profit.

Why a Goodwill NCW gift card?

1.) Fun

Giving Goodwill NCW gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, guarantees that the recipient receives something they WANT rather than something you THINK they want.

Instead of playing a guessing game about fashions, colors, styles, etc., our gift cards put the freedom of choice into the user’s hands — they can pick exactly what they want.

But Goodwill NCW stores are much more than just clothing. Our products are as diverse as the people who shop for them.

2.) Convenience

If you’re shopping for family, friends, work colleagues or others, remember that our gift cards ensure that you can buy for many people quickly and conveniently.

During the holiday season, you’ll also spare your friends and loved ones the plight of standing in line to return unwanted gifts (if you included a gift receipt in the process.) A Goodwill NCW gift card ensures that they’ll receive the gift they want when they want it.

3.) Purpose

When you give someone a Goodwill NCW gift card, you’re not only putting a smile on their face — you’re contributing to our broad array of programs and services that benefit north central Wisconsin communities.

The Goodwill NCW gift card is a present with a conscience. It’s the perfect way to show someone that you not only care about them, you also care about their community.

The cards also mean that your charitable giving just got easier. Giving a Goodwill NCW gift to your local shelter or other non-profit charity is one of the most practical ways to support community organizations.

4.) Thanks

A Goodwill NCW gift card is a great way to show appreciation for a valued teacher or baby sitter, a great neighbor or a good friend.

If you’re an employer, our cards are the perfect way to show you care about your community as well as your company’s top performers. We can take corporate gift giving to a much more meaningful level.

5.) Ease

There are few outlets as effective for outfitting your college-bound son or daughter than Goodwill. Higher education costs are steep enough already; by providing them with Goodwill NCW gift cards they have a highly affordable and easily accessible way to purchase clothing, furniture and other everyday items necessary for dormitory, resident hall or apartment living.

Remember: Shopping is donating at Goodwill NCW. Your gift card purchases help give people a hand up, not a hand out. We are a 100% not-for-profit community organization. *Goodwill NCW gift cards may only be used at Goodwill Retail Stores & Training Centers in north central Wisconsin, listed here.