Shop for bargains by the pound at the Goodwill NCW Outlet Store

OUTLET STORE HOURS: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Daily

Welcome to our Outlet Store

In order to keep you and our team members safe, we are following CDC guidelines and sanitizing as appropriate and will be following the safety precautions below.

– Gloves are strongly recommended 
– No external food or drink is allowed
– No aggressive physical or verbal behavior
– No unpaid merchandise will be held
– Limit one customer per table to ensure social distancing

At 1341 W. Spencer St., Appleton, the Goodwill NCW Outlet Store offers a shopping experience unlike any of our other locations but shares in our mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment. The revenue generated at the Outlet Store supports our 24 programs and services.
The Goodwill NCW Outlet Store sells bulk clothing such as T-shirts, jeans and outerwear; shoes; home goods; stuffed animals; and purses by the pound. We also have items priced per unit such as DVDs, albums, CDs, VHS tapes, computer/video games and books. It’s the perfect destination for resellers.


Textiles: $1.29 per pound

Home goods/accessories: $1.19 per pound
(toys, plastics, decorations, purses, luggage, etc.)

Shoes: $1.19 per pound

Glass, ceramics, magazines, and comic books: 49 cents per pound 


Computer games, video games: $2

DVDs, albums, CDs, hardcover books: $1

Paperback books, VHS tapes, Beta, 45, 78, laser disk, and 8-tracks: 50 cents