Valet VITA In-Person Assistance


Steps to use Valet VITA:

  1. Review items to bring and out-of-scope topics BEFORE scheduling your drop-off appointment:

You MUST have the following items in addition to your tax documents. If you do not have these documents, please wait to schedule your appointment until you have them:

      • Photo ID for self and spouse (if filing jointly)
      • Social Security Cards, SSA-1099s or Individual Tax Identification Number for self and spouse (if filing jointly), as well as all dependents to be claimed on the tax return
      • Last year’s tax return (if you itemized in 2019 or have a capital loss carryforward)
      • Birthdates for everyone on your return
      • Power of Attorney if filing on behalf of someone else (including spouse) 

*If your return is considered out-of-scope for our services, you may visit for guidance in selecting a tax preparer or consider utilizing a DIY software.

2. Schedule a 20 minute drop-off appointment online. If you need assistance, call (920)968-6044.

3. Attend your drop-off appointment:

      • Bring all of your tax documents and required identity items to your drop-off appointment. 
      • Complete intake forms: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete your intake forms, you can pick up the intake forms outside the VITA room or print the Federal form and Wisconsin Intake form to fill out prior to your appointment. All intake forms can be found here.

4. Tax prep: An IRS-Certified preparer will prepare your return and call/e-mail you with any questions. 

5. Schedule a Review Appointment: We will contact you when your return is ready to schedule a review appointment, typically within 5-7 business days after your drop-off appointment. 

6. Attend the Review Appointment

7. Sign: Receive a copy of your return and sign the consent to e-file.