What is Goodwill?


We take great pride in creating a professional atmosphere that goes beyond tolerance. Here, inclusion and diversity are valued and celebrated. This is a place where you are supported for who you are, what you believe and where you’re from.

Walk into any of our locations and you will see the breadth of diverse people whom we work with and serve. We respect all people and embrace the fact that we come with different talents, barriers, personalities and identities.

When you come to work with us, we want you to come as you are day in, day out. To help you learn how to model this in your work, we ask that you come in with a fresh set of eyes, ready to contribute, to grow and to learn.

We’re passionate about showing appreciation for our team members. That’s why we use titles a little differently than other organizations. Our terminology is unique and some changes are small, but the meaning behind them is important to understand. It’s part of our culture.

We don’t have managers; we have team leaders. You won’t find any employees here; we are all team members. Rather than performance reviews, we have collaborative conversations about growth and development. There isn’t a Human Resources Department; we have a People Team.

The difference here is about focus, and our focus is people. Helping them. Serving them. Working alongside them. Caring for them. It’s all about people — not human resources.