Mission. Vision. Values.

Our Mission

Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment

Our Vision

Transformed Communities

Our Values

1. We put people first … all people

We respect and celebrate differences, allowing people to be at their very best. Ours is a culture of servant leadership, a mix of accountability and inspiration. We believe in the power of work and the positive impact it has on our team members and the community.

2. We dazzle ’em

Each day, we amaze each other and those we serve. We celebrate our people and the wonder-filled moments we share, discovering an unexpected treasure, a hidden talent, or a splendid sense of belonging. It’s in the moment and the very foundation of who we are.



3. We think, we explore, we create

Our courage and natural curiosity lead us to be a voice, not an echo. We are at the forefront of change and innovation, looking to always improve the lives of people in our communities, the efficiency of our business, and the personal journey of each of our team members.

4. We hug trees

We see value and opportunity in all aspects of our organization. We are mindful of the generations that will follow and use this to guide our business decisions. We are resourceful and get the most out of everything that is given to us.

5. We take the high road

We are honest in our intent and transparent in our actions, fair to our team members and selfless in our pursuit to transform communities. We seek opportunities to collaborate. We don’t do what’s easy; we do what’s right.

6. We’re joyful and zany

We zig when everyone else zags. In our “come as you are” culture, people are authentic and find joy in everyday moments. We have the freedom to be just who we are, full of hope and free from fear.

7. We are dream weavers

You may know your dream, or you may just be finding the words to claim it. We will work to support, inspire and care for you as you realize your dream. We pledge to find the courage, the humility, the determination, and strength to continue to believe that all things are possible.