Shopping is Giving

Elevating People, Transforming Communities — that’s what Goodwill is all about.

Since 1971, we’ve served north central Wisconsin communities with programs and services that help families and children, provide vocational training to people with disabilities and those with barriers to employment, promote diversity and community and provide financial education and counseling.

We do it all as a way to live out our most important core value: “We put people first … all people.”

Our retail operation makes that mission work possible. We take donated goods, sell them in our stores and use the revenue to support the programs and services that improve lives and our communities in the process.

Looking for Good Brands

Goodwill has racks and racks of name-brand clothes priced as low as $1.99 per item. We personally screen each donated item for resale and if it doesn’t pass the test, we strive to recycle or repurpose it. The bottom line is that you’re going to find the same great stuff you see at retail outlets, but without the retail mark-up.

Plus, your purchase is going to a great cause! Now that’s good shopping.

“Green” Looks Good on You!

Thrift-store fashion is definitely in style. And saving money is always fashionable. But what if you could look good while doing some good for the environment? When you shop at Goodwill, you’re making a fashion, social, and environmental statement. Goodwill NCW keeps more than 40 million pounds a year out of Wisconsin landfills! So the next time you’re trying on an outfit at our store, remember that community support looks good on everybody.

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