Donating to Goodwill

It feels GOOD to give

So you’re thinking about cleaning out your closet, spare room, basement or garage? Good idea! But what are you going to do with all that stuff?

Here are five good reasons to donate to Goodwill.

1. Goodwill is 100% not for profit. When you donate, you’re directly impacting programs and people in your community.

2. It’s easy. Rummage sales can be a lot of hassle. With us, you just drop off your unwanted items at a Goodwill store or Donation Express and are done.

3. Environmental benefits. Don’t add to the landfill! Donate to Goodwill instead. If we can’t resell it, we strive to recycle or repurpose it. In 2019, with your help, we diverted 51 million pounds of donations from the landfill.

4. Tax deductions. Goodwill makes it easy to deduct the value of your donations from your yearly income tax.

5. It feels good. Your donations go to support the mission work of Goodwill through our programs and services, which help children, individuals and families.


It’s all Good

We take all kinds of donations at Goodwill. Most importantly, we’re looking for clothes, books, shoes, and household items that are available for resell. But even if we can’t resell your items, we find other good uses for them.

Your raggedy old clothes actually become rags for local mechanic shops. So don’t be afraid to bring us your goods as well as not-so-goods.

Who profits from donations?

There are many options out there for donating your unwanted items. But before you give to just any organization, find out who is profiting from your donation. You might be surprised.

Some companies seek donations for internal profit. Some take your donation and distribute it to warehouses in different states. Others use your donations only to help people within their organization. Don’t be fooled. Goodwill is 100% not-for-profit and 100% good for local people in north-central Wisconsin.