Mission Services

Mission Services

Our mission is Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment. It’s why we do what we do. We repurpose the used goods you donate to Goodwill, sell them in our stores and use the revenues to support the programs and services that improve lives and our communities. Every year, your support helps make an impact on tens of thousands of people across 35 counties in north central Wisconsin.


Work, Community and Financial Programs and Services

The programs and services of Goodwill make a life-changing difference in our communities by eliminating barriers to employment through job training, addressing financial literacy, promoting access to services and supporting community participation.


As a not-for-profit human services organization, Goodwill NCW uses the revenue from our stores to fund a wide variety of innovative programs and services that serve north central Wisconsin communities. In many cases, we collaborate with community partners, who also bring resources to the cause.

Some of these programs create jobs, offer training, and match assistive technology to those who need it. Others address financial, educational, developmental or diversity issues. All make our communities better places in which to live.